Miss Oreos? Here's The BEST Gluten Free Oreo Substitutes to Buy in Stores!

If you're like most people, you probably liked Oreos at one point or another. If you're gluten-free, enjoying Oreos unfortunately becomes something you can't do anymore...so you think. You may or may not know that there's actually some really great brands of gluten-free "Oreos" out there! I've already tried them all (unsurprisingly enough) and have been happy to find that there are actually quite a few options. Here's a full list on the best gluten free "Oreos" that you can find in the U.S!

Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme
This is probably the most accessible gluten-free version of Oreos that you'll find! I've found them in normal grocery stores like Publix, Kroger, Walmart, and more! They have great consistency and they taste fairly close to Oreos. However, they do contain soy and they may contain the other allergies below which may be an issue for those of you with multiple food allergies. Overall, this is a great option if you are just gluten-free! Also note that they come in 2 other flavors. Click here to learn more!

Contains: Soy
May contain: Dairy, Egg, Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Kinnikinnick Kinnitoos
Personally, this brand of gluten free "Oreos" is my absolute favorite. I've been eating them for years because they are dairy free too! They're a little hard to find and they most likely won't be in your big brand stores. I'd look for them in Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other specialty health foods stores if you want to find them. They are my favorite and definitely worth trying. Also, they come in a vanilla flavor as well. Click here to learn more!

Contains: Soy

Trader Joe's Joe Joes
These are delicious and easy to find if you have a Trader Joe's near you! They have a similar cookie texture and, in my opinion, a better tasting filling. Like most "Oreos", they are not very good for you but I think that's something we all know when eating them. Overall, I love this brand! It's also important to know that they also have a seasonal peppermint version of gluten-free "Oreos" that comes out every winter too! That one is definitely worth trying. Click here to learn more!

Contains: Soy, Egg
May contain: Traces of Milk, Tree Nuts

Mi-Del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Mi-Del is one of the lesser known brands but they have some delicious products! I tried these sandwich cookies a long time ago and I've always been a big fan. They can be commonly found in health foods stores like Whole Foods and such but they are definitely a little harder to find. Also, it's important to note that they are not made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. However, they do meet the FDA guidelines for being under 20 ppm. Oh yea, and they come in vanilla too 😉 Click here to learn more!

Contains: Egg, Soy

Which gluten-free "Oreo" is your favorite? Comment below!
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  1. None because every single one contains SOY!

    1. Agreed! I wish there were gluten free, soy free Oreos out there!

  2. K toos
    Cookies and cream ice cream made with smashed one's....��

  3. K-toos are the best I think. I've had every one listed but the trader Joe's and they are all very good!

  4. Cadia is my absolute favorite, then K-toos. Glutino is the worst and I only buy when I am not at a store that carries my favorites.

  5. I agree that the K-Toos are amazing! I found them at my local food co-op. What I like about most of the GF substitutes is that they are usually on the healthier side overall and usually taste better than their gluteny counterparts. The hard part is making sure others who don't have to eat GF don't eat all your snacks! haha

  6. I can't have any because they all contain Soy!

  7. I don't usually eat stuff like this, but when I need a serious oreo fix I go for K-toos. The non-celiacs in my house like them, too, and find that when they're somewhere where they have a Nabisco oreo that they don't like them as much as the k-toos. I also like the Glutino ones, but find that they're so hard! I think I had the jo-jos once I think when a friend brought them just for me for a church coffee hour; I think I wasn't all that impressed by them. I'd like to try the Mi-del mint ones, but the non-dedicated kitchen thing has caused me trouble in the past. One of the best things I can do for myself is be sure and keep my diet gf so I stay well. I try to be in charge of the celiac, not the other way around.