Gluten Free 4th of July Popsicles + A New Food Allergy App For Kids!

Here in Florida, I'm always looking for gluten-free recipes to help me cool down. It gets hot pretty much anywhere in the U.S. during the summer time which is why a naturally gluten-free popsicle recipe like this is essential! This recipe is perfect for the 4th of July and provided by Allergy Reality, a new app to help kids learn and understand their food allergies with the use of games and more! You can learn more about this amazing app below. In the meantime, enjoy this naturally gluten-free popsicle recipe for 4th of July!

  • 100 % Cranberry Juice
  • Vanilla Sweetened Coconut Milk
  • 100% Grape Juice

  1. Fill the popsicle mold 1/3rd of the way up with cranberry juice. Freeze for 30-40 minutes or until frozen. 
  2. Fill the next 1/3rd of the popsicle mold with vanilla coconut milk. Freeze for an additional 30 minutes. 
  3. Once the coconut milk is semi-frozen you can add your popsicle stick in the middle. Return to the freezer for 20 minutes or until frozen.  
  4. Fill the remaining 1/3rd of popsicle mold with grape juice. Freeze for 40 minutes or until you are ready to eat. 
When you are ready to eat your popsicles, run the outside of the mold under warm water and pull slightly on the stick to release the popsicles. Enjoy!

The Allergy Reality App is amazing for kids with food allergies!
Food allergies can be hard for kids to understand and cope with. Some kids may not grasp right away why they can't eat certain foods. Some may not know exactly what foods they have to avoid. All of this has a learning curve no matter what your age is. That's exactly where the Allergy Reality App comes in to help teach kids more about their food allergies! Allergy Reality uses fun tools like games, music, and more to help children understand the food allergies that they live with.

"Allergy Reality is an educational gaming app that empowers those with restricted food diets and their loved ones. If you have a food allergy, intolerance, Celiac disease, other autoimmune diseases or just trying to be conscious of others, Allergy Reality is here for you.

Allergies: Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soy and Egg
  • Matching games, word scramblers, puzzles, label reading 
  • Learn safe foods and become familiar with allergen friendly brands for quick shopping choices
  • Original music that teaches root words and other safe ingredients that you will be singing throughout your day
  • Stunning colorful graphics brings eating allergy free to a whole new level
  • Earn badges and trophies along the way when you master levels 

*Food allergies can be overwhelming, and even make you feel isolated in the world. Allergy Reality will help you feel empowered as you quickly learn safe food choices and even helps you to master reading food labels*"
Screenshots from the Allergy Reality App
If you have kids with food allergies, definitely check out this app and download it for them! It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can learn more about it by Clicking Here!
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