I'm Turning 20 This Year...Here's What's Next For My GlutenAway Blog

You've all known me as "the teenager behind GlutenAway" or "the gluten-free teen." But believe it or not, I turn 20 this year. Yep, that's right! My last year of being a teenager is finally here which means my blog will no longer be from the voice of a teenager. I've been planning for this for years, thinking to myself, "what will my voice be once I'm not a teenager anymore?" It's worried me and made me think I'll have nothing left for people to listen to. But now that it is finally here, I couldn't be more prepared and I couldn't be happier. Turning 20 this year had made me realize that I will have a whole new part of my life to share with you as someone who is gluten-free. My information and knowledge as a teenager will always be on my blog. I will always be able to speak on these topics. But now as I enter my 20's, I will have a lot more to offer with my constantly changing perspective, too.

New Types of Blog Posts to Come:

Being gluten-free and living with roommates
This year I will be moving out and living on my own. Well, not on my own. I'm going to have some roommates too. This is all something that any adult goes through at one point or another. One day, we all have to move out from their parent's place and be on our own. Doing that on your own is not easy. Moving out to live with roommates who are not gluten-free, now that may be harder. This year, I'll be happy to share more tips on this topic as I experience it myself. Wish me luck!

Going out with friends
Social situations from your 20's and on are a lot different compared to when you are in your teens. (We all know what turning 21 means) Parties, dining out, drinking alcohol, and much more become a part of being gluten-free. All of this is what I hope to share and learn more about too. But hopefully not too much ;)

Going on road trips while being gluten-free
I'm definitely looking to do more road trips in the near future as I turn 20. Whether you are with friends or with your family, it's something that a lot of people do at one point or another. Having gluten-free options for these long trips on the road is hard! I'll be sure to share my favorite restaurants and products to make your lives easier.

Being gluten free in relationships from a male perspective
I rarely see relationship advice for those who are gluten-free which I think is extremely needed. I'm sure a lot of people have it figured out but I'm certain a vast majority have not. First dates, kissing, and any romantic situation can have a lot more variables if you have celiac. As a male, I want to offer my perspective from my experiences in my 20's to hopefully help you too. 

Sharing what being gluten-free as a teenager has taught me
Even though I won't be in my teens anymore, I will never forget how important this part of my life has been. Being gluten-free during this time truly helped me grow into the person I am today. I wouldn't have the perspective that I do without it which is why I will continuously share my experiences from my teens to help. My hope is to inspire more teens who are gluten-free to share their experiences too. I hope that another "the gluten-free teen" comes along to blog because we can always use more voices to help.

What would you like to see from me as I enter my 20's? Comment below!
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  1. Thank you for what you are doing to help others! I wish you much success and I know that you talking about this will help others that don't understand and are sick!

    1. You're welcome and thanks so much for the comment!

  2. I think sharing information about dating from a male celiac's perspective would be so interesting and helpful! Obviously, I know and have shared it from a female celiac's view ;) But the more advice out there, the better!

    1. For sure! I have loved hearing your input so I'm hopeful a male's perspective will help some people too :)

  3. I love your information and love learning from you! I can't wait to see what comes next in your 20's! Thank you.