Ruby Rockets...An Alternative To Portable Yogurts

Back when I could enjoy dairy as a kid, I always liked to include go-gurts in my lunch. You may remember them as the little slim pouches full of a sugary substance called yogurt. But since going dairy free, I’ve never really been able to enjoy yogurt since. Many brands carry a dairy free alternative, but none like this brand, Ruby Rockets. Ruby Rockets is a dairy free yogurt alternative packaged in a pouch just like the go-gurts I had when I was a kid. They are healthier for you, free of many allergies, and great for kids too.

Different flavors:
  • Tellescopic Tropical
  • Beam Me Up Blueberry
  • Stellar Strawberry

The taste:
If you’re expecting something that tastes exactly like yogurt, this is not it. I’ll admit that this dairy free yogurt alternative caught me off guard when I first tried them. I was expecting a sweet, sugary yogurt substance just like I had when I was a kid. But after tasting it I realized that this wasn’t meant to taste like that. After I realized that, I actually started to enjoy it. The taste can be a mix of both sweet and tart. The texture is very similar to yogurt but sometimes it takes some time to adjust. I’ll admit that every flavor may not be for everyone. But it is definitely a product that you should try a few times if you are caught off guard by it at first.

  • Non-dairy
  • No sugar added-5g of sugar from fruits and veggies only
  • 2g of plant-based protein
  • Made with organic ingredients and non-GMO
  • Gluten free, vegan and kosher
  • Made from fruits, veggies, creamed coconut, chia seeds and pea protein

Why I like them:
  • They are gluten-free, dairy free, and a great alternative to yogurt
  • They are healthy for you and have no added sugars
  • They are organic and non-GMO
  • They are portable which makes them great for on the go
  • They are shelf stable too which means they won't spoil if out of the fridge
  • They can be frozen to make amazing desserts!

Final thoughts:
If you're looking for a healthier dairy free alternative to yogurt then I would definitely check out this product. It can be great for kids but also adults too. Remember, you may not like every flavor and it may take a little getting used to since it has no sugar added. I personally enjoy them myself but not everyone has the same opinion. Give them a try and hopefully you can add them as a healthier option into you or your child's life :)

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  1. Just bought these at Meijer a few weeks ago and really love the taste. I have only seen the strawberry kind but would love to try the others. Its great they are shelf stable or they can be put in the freezer for a nice treat! Love this product!