The Best Tips For Baking Gluten Free (Shared By 8 Bloggers)

It's almost the Fall and you know what that means! Well, maybe you don't. But for bloggers like us, it means that baking season is here! If you live up north, the weather is finally starting to get colder. More people stay indoors which means baking is a lot more likely to happen. With the holidays coming up, it's only a good thing that you get prepared ahead of time! We all know that baking gluten-free can be a challenge for anybody that's a beginner. That's why us 8 experienced bloggers are here to share our best tips to help make it a littler easier. We hope these tips help!

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Dishing Delish (Jacqui)
"My #1 tip for baking gluten free is to weigh your flour. A regular all purpose flour will weigh about 140 grams. So if your recipe calls for 1 cup AP flour, weigh out 140 grams of your AP gluten free baking mix. Your recipe may come out if you do it 1-to-1, but it will come out better if you do it by weight. :)"

Flippin' Delicious (Brianna)
"Don't make too many substitutions! When you sub out 1 or maybe 2 ingredients you can still get pretty good results, but I have found when I try subbing out 2+ ingredients it takes a lot more adjusting to get the recipe right, and you'll end up with more mountains of crumbs and hocky pucks in the process. I had a perfect gluten free cupcake recipe, but when I subbed out a xylitol-erithritol sweetener the recipe was a HUGE fail (even thought the sweetener subbed perfectly in my gluten-friends cupcakes.) I had to make a lot of adjustments to make the recipe work. Those baking fails can be discouraging, but don't give up! The less subs you make, the better your recipe will be on the first try!"

GlutenAway (Myself)
"Find a good gluten-free all purpose flour that you like and don't afraid to experiment! My best recipes have come from me just trying something new in the kitchen. Once you figure out the basics of baking gluten-free, everything else becomes easy. It takes practice like anything else so don't get discouraged if something doesn't turn out great. I've found that bananas, pumpkin puree, or even apple sauce adds a great consistency to make a bread tastes like normal."

Good For You Gluten Free (Jenny)
"When baking gluten-free, stick with the basics and don't force things that just weren't meant to be gluten-free. For example, I love pie, but making a gluten-free pie crust is painful and never tastes as good. Instead of wasting time perfecting a gluten-free pie crust, I make fruit crisps instead. They are just as good, if not better, and they totally satisfy that craving for pie."

Grain Changer (Leah)
"Have confidence and don't be afraid to experiment! Sure, a few (ok - alot of) recipe fails may happen, but the best way to get comfortable with gluten-free baking is to do it often and learn from the flops along the way."

I Am Gluten Free (Linnaea)
"Because GF baking is so different from baking with wheat flour, even if you're an experienced baker you should follow the recipe when you're starting out in gluten-free baking. Once you get the hang of the weird flours, then you can experiment with them!"

Meaningful Eats (Erin)
"Don't apologize for gluten-free baked goods. With the right recipe, they can be just as delicious (if not more so) than their gluten-filled counterparts!"

Vegetarian Mamma (Cindy)
"Bakers gone Bake Bake Bake! Think of how you can use those boxed baking mixes differently then intended. Maybe using your brownie mix and spreading it out on a pizza pan to create a baked fruit pizza. Taking a pizza dough mix and turning it into donuts! Remember to think outside of the 'box'!"

Final Tip:
The biggest tip we all recommend is to stick to the basics in the early stages and learn as you go along! Baking gluten-free takes practice just like anything else. I absolutely was not an experienced baker when I first started going gluten-free but over time I definitely got better. Learn what you like in the beginning then slowly add more and more over time. You'll get better and soon enough you'll be baking items that don't even taste gluten-free.

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  1. I agree with you, finding a good all-purpose gluten free flour is the way to go! My favorite is Cup4Cup!

  2. Yes! Experimenting is key! It may or may not come out and that's okay.

  3. Yes! Experimenting is key! It may or may not come out and that's okay.