The Best Tips For Planning a Gluten Free Picnic (Shared by 8 Bloggers)

Planning a gluten-free picnic can be a very hard thing to do since it takes you away from home. Really any time you eat away from home is a challenge but picnics can be made a little easier with a few tips. Us 8 bloggers share our top tips for planning a gluten-free picnic to help make it a little easier. We also share our top recipes and products through the link since you can never have enough of those. Plan ahead of time and uses some of our tips to have an amazing gluten-free picnic this summer.

The Best Tips from The Featured Gluten Free Bloggers of July (via

"Usually I am the only one (or one of two) gluten free diner(s) when I throw a BBQ or picnic, so my favorite trick is to make the whole thing gluten free so that I and the other few GF guests don't feel like they have to miss out on the fun. I make my own turkey burgers or hamburgers and use top quality, gluten free hotdogs, gluten free buns and pasta (for pasta salad), plus plenty of naturally gluten free sides and desserts like fruit salad, easy cookies, and ice cream."

"Find a good gluten-free bread that you like. That way, if you're doing sandwiches, you know the bread will hold up. Nothing is worse than finally finding the perfect picnic spot, only to pull out a mushy sandwich! We really like Canyon Bakehouse, or Franz Bakery for our gluten-free bread.

To also help fight against the mushy sandwich syndrome, if you're doing PB&J (or, in our case SunButter), put the spread on both sides of the bread with the jam in the middle. Or, if you're doing mayo and mustard, take the little packets to put on at the picnic so it's fresh, and only put the meat and veggies on before. Have safe and happy picnics this summer!"

"Bring your own tasty Gluten Free food options and put your food in a separate area."

"Only pack gluten free food for your picnic so there is no risk of cross contact and bring along some cupcake liners or mini silicone cups, so those with additional food allergies do not get cross contaminated. Now go have a picnic in the park. We do picnics on a weekly basis even daily. You don't have to be going to a park, you can even picnic in your own back yard. Some of our favorite places to picnic include TBall games, concerts in the park, by the lake and even at the playground."

"Bring what makes YOU happy. Don’t expect or rely on anyone else to have safe food, so bring whatever will make your picnic a success for you. Make sure to bring enough to share (your GF food should be that good!), but also enough so you won’t go hungry if there’s nothing else there you can trust to be safe. That means munchies, main dish, sides and something sweet."

"Find a few good products that you can rely on and plan ahead of time! Bring frozen fruit, pre-made gluten-free sandwiches, and drinks all in a cooler. Frozen fruit will dethaw and make for a great treat. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a good bread like Canyon Bakehouse to use for making sandwiches too."

"If going to a picnic with friends, always bring something you know you can eat and that can sustain you if there isn’t anything else for you to eat. My go to is my Potato Salad. It's filling but also a great side to any picnic!"

"Keep the food simple & focus on the the beach, in a pretty park, or by a stream in the woods. Everything tastes delicious when you're eating out in the fresh air w/ family and friends!"

Final Tip:
A lot of us recommend to keep the picnic as simple as possible and keep things fresh. Most picnic foods are actually naturally gluten-free! Fruits, nuts, chips, and veggies can be some great options. But also looking up which gluten-free breads and buns are good too can make that final piece to your picnic, amazing. Plan ahead of time and make a list before you go to the store. A picnic isn't too hard to plan as long as you are prepared and know what to make before you go.

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