The Best Tips For Being Gluten Free at Cookouts (Shared by 8 Gluten Free Bloggers)

Celiac Disease The summer is here which means that school is finally out and cookouts are bound to happen. Pool parties, summer grill outs, family road trips. All of these are a part of the summer and almost all of them involve food! It can be hard to be gluten-free at a cookout when there's burgers, hot dog buns, desserts, and many other gluten-filled foods all around. Of course, you can't just avoid the cookout all together. Here are our top tips for being gluten-free at cookouts to help you get through the summer!

The Best Tips from The Featured Gluten Free Bloggers of June (via

"Call the host/hostess ahead of time to inquire about food/refreshments and figure out what is safe and what won't be safe. Bring whatever other food items you need to feel satisfied, including extra, just to make sure you have enough!"

"My number one tip for BBQ's is to be careful with condiments, maybe people will put the bottles directly on the buns while using. I try to avoid them if I'm unsure whether or not its been contaminated."

"At a cook out my best tip is to bring a dish with protein to BBQs, in case there is nothing else to eat that is safe. I also like to bring foil so I can put my own meat on the grill without worry of cross contamination. (Use whichever is most useful to people.)"

"Make sure to bring your own buns and make sure that any food that you eat is kept away from cross contamination. Most grill meats should be fine but just make sure the grill did not have any bread on it previously and make sure the meat that you eat is not coated with any gluten containing ingredients too."

"Aluminum foil is your friend, use it to line grills to prevent cross contamination, cook meat and veggies on it or use it to make cooking packets."

"When attending a cook out always bring 2-3 gluten-free dishes to share (and serving utensils) and ask the host if you can keep them on a separate table."

"Don't be afraid to ask the host if you can bring something (gluten free!) and/or if there will be foods there that you can enjoy- Often, cross contamination can easily happen via the grill so either see if all meats use gluten-free marinades and/or stick to all the extras- It's a combination of good food and good company!"

"Own it. You know your body and what you feel comfortable putting in it, don't ever feel embarrassed or ashamed asking questions, turning down food or bringing your own. Talk to the host ahead of time and figure out what you'll be able to eat there (if anything) and bring whatever else you will want to enjoy. Eat beforehand if you need to and bring some appetizers and/or a dessert to share. It is so easy to just stay home and sometimes that's fine, but don't let your dietary needs dictate your social life. When possible, go have fun!"

Final Tip:
Most of us just recommend to be aware of cross contamination in a cookout environment. Pay attention to what you eat and even ask the host/hostess ahead of time if there are things you can bring to eat. Use foil on the grill for your own food to avoid any cross contamination. Also, be weary of condiments and other foods surrounded by gluten. As long as you bring a dish or 2 to share with others and snack on yourself, you should be fine. Most importantly, have fun! Cookouts are all about spending time with friends and family in the nice weather anyways. Take care of the food first then enjoy the rest of the cookout :)

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