The Best Tips For Raising Celiac Awareness (Shared by 8 Gluten Free Bloggers)

Celiac Disease Awareness Month comes around every year and us bloggers always scramble to try and figure out something big to do. Some bloggers do campaigns like Raising Jack With Celiac, Celiac and the Beast, or myself. Others wear shirts and post a bunch about celiac disease to spread the word. That's great for us bloggers to do, but what about you? Each featured blogger for May decided to share their #1 tip for raising celiac awareness. They are all things that you can do on your own not just in the month of May, but throughout the entire year too.

The Best Tips from The Featured Gluten Free Bloggers of May (via

"When the opportunity arises, tell people about your disease. Don't try to make them understand by saying it is like an allergy, instead tell them that is is an autoimmune disease, and ingesting gluten causes your body to attack itself. No need to go into full details of the aftermath of such an ingestion, but maybe list a few of your symptoms. I usually say that if I ingest gluten, it feels like I have a bad case of the flu for the next week. Everyone has had the flu, and can relate on some level. I then usually mention a few things that can contain hidden gluten, like soy sauce, chocolate, and sometimes even nuts, so that people know it's not just in the obvious things, like bread and pasta."

"My #1 tip to those wanting to raise celiac awareness is to not be shy about it. Be your own advocate! In a polite and positive way, explain celiac disease (and why you eat gluten-free) to friends, family, and restaurant staff."

"Don't be afraid to speak up an advocate for yourself. Be proud to be gluten-free because it's something that will be around for the rest of your life. Talk about being gluten-free in a positive way and try to educate others who take interest and may not understand. Friends and family are a great source of people to advocate too because they will often advocate for you as well."

"Everyone has their own style, which should be respected. To raise true awareness, understand that it's not just about YOU but the overall health and well-being of the community. It's not simply about promoting products. It's about discussing the topics that need to be discussed, while striking a balance between advocacy and negativity.​"

"Don't be afraid to talk to family, friends, and even strangers about celiac disease. Educate people and share your story."

"To promote and create specific celiac awareness, it's about involving the combination of gluten-free eating and celiac disease. Being open to positive and negative feedback, but maintaining your ground when your foot needs to be stepped down. Celiac disease awareness is about letting people into your own life with celiac and blasting from the rooftop that that's ok."

"When it come to raising awareness for celiac disease, there really isn't a wrong or right way to do so. Being vocal about an autoimmune disease that is still misdiagnosed is the most important thing we can do to raise awareness. Mention getting tested to that family member that keeps putting it off, tell a friend a little more, educate your neighbors and be a positive light to those living with celiac disease.."

"Share your story! Everyone has a story and YOUR story is important. By being honest and sharing your story, you can encourage others and help to educate about Celiac Disease!"

Final Tip:
Most of us just recommend to be yourself, share your story, and advocate for yourself to others! You don't have to tell people that they need to get tested for celiac disease or tell people all the facts about it. Spreading awareness can be as simple as sharing your story and talking about yourself. Food is almost always a topic of conversation when going out. So don't be afraid to tell friends, family, or whoever your with about your story because it can make a big difference in helping somebody get diagnosed too.

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