The Best Tips For Being Healthy And Gluten Free (Shared By 8 Bloggers)

When it comes to being healthy, there's a huge misconception that being gluten-free already means just that. Sure gluten-free is better for those of us who have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. But is a gluten-free cookie really better for us than a regular one? I'm a firm believer in the saying "all in moderation". Trust me, I live by that rule because I sure do love me some gluten-free treats every now and then. But when it comes to actually living a healthy lifestyle, that is completely dependent on you and what makes you feel best. Us 8 bloggers share our top tips on how to do just that and live both healthy and gluten-free.

The Best Tips from The Featured Gluten Free Bloggers of April (via

Celiac and the Beast (Erica Dermer)
"Stick to as many naturally gluten-free foods as possible. I love packaged goods, but make sure you're getting plenty of water, fruits and vegetables into your diet too! Cut out the soda and make a change towards naturally flavored sparkling water."

Gluten Free Gigi (Gigi Stewart)
"My #1 tip for being healthy and gluten-free is to adhere to a 90-95% naturally gluten-free whole foods diet. I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I love veggies, lean proteins, eggs and such, so this works for me."

Gluten Free School (Jennifer Fugo)
"Buy as much naturally gluten-free food as I can rather than gluten-free products so that I don't feel guilty about when I do indulge. Using those items each week to make meals with multiple servings so that I don't have to cook every meal from scratch makes my life easier and takes out the guessing game of what I'm going to eat when I'm super busy (which is often). My slow cooker, rice cooker, and Instant Pot are my three favorite kitchen gadgets that make cooking this way simpler."

GlutenAway (Myself)
"Slowly work in natural gluten-free products and meals when you can. It's hard to make that transition right away but over time you will realize it makes you feel better. I try and stick to the 80/20 rule. 80% naturally gluten-free foods and 20% gluten-free labeled foods like cookies or treats. This makes me feel best so try to find a good balance that makes you feel healthy too."

I'm a Celiac (Pam Jordan)
"Base your meals off of naturally Gluten Free food items like proteins, vegetables, and fruits then look for safe starches like rice and potatoes"

Snixy Kitchen (Sarah Menanix)
"When finding gluten-free alternatives, I always opt to make it homemade first, but if that's not an option, be sure to read the ingredients! Many gluten-free alternatives are heavy on the corn starch and other not-so-healthy additives."

The Gluten Conundrum (Esther Trevino)
"My #1 tip for being healthy and gluten free is carefully reading labels on all the food I eat - the less ingredients the better. And being proactive about talking to my local grocery store managers about proper labeling for gluten free products has been helpful in teaching them which brands are truly Celiac safe."

What The Fork Food Blog (Sharon Lachendro)
"Always read your labels and if it still isn't clear, don't be afraid to email the company for clarification.."

Final Tip:
As you can see from most of our advice, we all just recommend to educate yourself and do what makes you feel best. It doesn't matter what everyone else does or how someone else does gluten-free. What matters is how you do gluten-free and what makes you feel healthy and happy, day in and day out. As long as you educate on yourself on products, ingredients, and cross contamination, then that's a great start! You'll learn more over time what makes your body feel good and overtime you will know what is best for you.

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