The Best Tips For Traveling Gluten Free (Shared by 8 Gluten Free Bloggers)

Ask anyone who is gluten-free and I guarantee that they will tell you that dining out away from home is one of the hardest things to do while being gluten-free. For me, it's something that never gets easy. So you could imagine that traveling away from home completely, to another state or another country, can be a whole lot harder. For those of you who do it on a regular basis with no trouble at all, please tell me your secrets. But for those of you who are like the most of us who struggle to travel while being gluten-free, I'm sure that you could all use a few tips to help make it easier. These 8 bloggers (including myself) share their top tips for traveling gluten-free! Whether your traveling for Spring Break, Easter, or whatever, these are sure to help you.

The Best Tips from The Featured Gluten Free Bloggers of March (via

Allergy Awesomeness (Megan Lavin)
"If you're driving--pack a cooler! We'll stock it with things we know might be hard to find at the local grocery stores--like rice milk, or coconut yogurts that we often have to get at specialty stores. If we fly, we make sure to go somewhere that has a kitchenette that we can cook. Always, ALWAYS pack your epi-pens! Don't leave home without them.

Since I have two little boys, I always make sure that I have several snacks packed in my diaper bag too--I always over pack on food just in case we get held up since we can't always count on airport food to be safe. One filling thing they love is my homemade trail mix--that will hold us over until we can cook again, or can get to a Chik-Fil-A (a quick, kid and allergy-friendly saving grace--truly a parent life saver!)."

A Clean Bake (Nora Schlesinger)
"Visit the grocery store! Over the summer I went on my honeymoon in Europe and wasn't sure what to expect. But my husband and I stayed in Air B&Bs, cooked our own breakfasts with ingredients from the local grocery stores and markets, and also made some of our own dinners. I wrote a post about all of my favorite allergy-free travel tips here, and you can also check out where I ate in London, Paris and Istanbul (all gluten free, and largely grain free as well, believe it or not!) here."

gfJules (Jules Shepard)
"I always bake a batch of my go-to “travel muffins” the day before a trip. They keep well in tupperware or a plastic bag, are good for breakfast, lunch or snack, are portable, and stay fresh without reheating for 4 or 5 days, so they’ll last me for awhile. Between my travel muffins and the GF protein bars I always have with me, I’m set no matter where I am or how hungry I get!"

GlutenAway (Myself)
"If you're travling on the road, make sure you take a stop to Whole Foods beforehand to grab everything you need! Also, look up the gluten-friendly restaurants that will be available on your road trip so you can plan pit stops accordingly. If you're flying, check a bag and fill it with tons of snacks if possible! Also, look up restaurants and stores around the area you will be staying at to make sure you are 100% prepared."

Gluten Free Frenzy
"Meal prep is so important when it comes to traveling gluten-free! I use my Six Pack Fitness bag to make it easy to always have a safe meal. Think like a scout; always be prepared! In fact, I wrote a whole article all about traveling gluten-free and meal prep HERE."

Noshtastic (Sheena Strain)
"I always plan ahead if we are going on a road trip or on a long haul flight, we are from Scotland but live in Mississippi so as a family we travel on transatlantic flights at least once a year. If we are flying back to Scotland that usually takes up to 20 hours door to door, involves multiple airports and usually three connecting flights.

I bring enough shelf stable food for both me and my son for the duration so that if there is nothing suitable en route we will not starve! I have been served regular rice crispies for my 'gluten free' breakfast on a flight on more than one occasion! We are also dairy free and I've never seen an option for dairy free milk or yoghurt on board a flight or in any airport terminal I've travelled through, remember you can't bring liquids through security. Even if your flight does have a meal that's safe for you, if you miss that flight and are put on another plane there will be no special meal for you so you need to be prepared for that.

If we are on a road trip I often pack food to eat on the way and make sure that I plan ahead and know where the nice rest stops are so that we have somewhere to stop and eat safely. Sometimes we eat at Chick Fil A or Five Guys on the way as they both have safe gluten free options."

Sarah Bakes Gluten Free (Sarah Hornacek)
"Plan ahead! Do some research on the city you'll be traveling to, finding the safest gluten free restaurants for you and your family. I always make sure I have a handful of restaurants already picked out ahead of time so we can just enjoy ourselves on our vacation!"

The Healthy Apple (Amie Valpone)
"Call your hotel ahead of time and get a fridge in your room so that you can store your food in your fridge. I go to Whole Foods Market, load up on food and stock my hotel room fridge so I never go hungry!"

Final Tip:
Most of us recommended bringing your own snacks or food wherever you go. I can't stress enough how important this is because you should never rely on a place or someone else to cater to your needs. It would be nice if we had gluten-free options available everywhere but sadly we just aren't there yet. Always prepare for a trip by doing a little research on food around your destination. Bring your own snacks and meals by taking a trip to Whole Foods beforehand. Most importantly, have fun while traveling and try to make food the least of your concerns wherever you may be heading to.

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