Speaking at The Gluten Free For Life Expo in Saint Petersburg, FL (3/26/2016)

I'm not gunna lie, I'm super excited to be speaking at my first gluten-free expo of the year. Every year, I go to the Gluten Free For Life Expo in Saint Petersburg, FL since it's just down the street from me and so close to home. It's one that I love going to every year, but this time around I get the privilege of speaking at it as well! I'll be speaking at 12 PM EST on Overcoming Struggles While Living Gluten Free. I haven't publicly spoke on this topic before and I know that it's one that needs to be talked about more often. But I'm hopeful that this can be an opportunity for me to impact more people since there's going to be so many people there to speak to. If you'll be able to attend then make sure to stop by and see me speak at 12PM! If not, I'll try to get it recorded to post afterwards for you to view from home. Learn more about the expo, here.
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  1. I wish I could have gone to this, and see your presentation.
    I just started representing a new line of makeup that is Gluten free. I'm always interested in learning more and sharing what I can. Thank you for your blog and support of those who live a Gluten free life. I hope together we all can make a difference. I'd love to connect some day :) Jennifer Melvin jemlcsw@gmail.com