Attending Natural Products Expo West For The First Time (March 10th - March 13th)

I'm kicking off my year of traveling the best way anybody could in the gluten-free world. From March 10th - March 13th, I'll be attending Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California for the very first time. I've heard nothing but good yet crazy stuff about Expo West with all the people, booths, random celebrities, and more. So you could imagine it's something I'm really looking forward to. My main goal with this trip is to learn about as many new gluten-free products and companies as possible while also getting to see a lot of great blogger friends too. There's tons of people on the west coast I've been wanting to meet for so long. So now I'll happily be having the privilege of doing so! I'll be sure to be posting about gluten-free companies all expo long as well as posting a big follow up post for everything I find at the event.

If you're a company that will be there, comment your booth number below and I'll make sure to stop by! 

If you're a person that will be there, comment below and I'm sure we can try and find a time to meet. 

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