The Best Tips For Being Gluten Free While In a Relationship (Shared By 8 Gluten Free Bloggers)

When you go gluten-free, a lot of the things that race through your mind are, "what can I eat?", "How will I be able to dine out?", "Will I ever be able to socialize again?" Of course, over time, you answer a lot of these questions of your own. You learn that eating gluten-free really isn't so bad at one point or another. But one of the many things that some people put a lot of emphasis is dating while being gluten-free. Sure, the world doesn't revolve around food but it's a part of our daily life and at some point it will need to be addresses in a relationship! Lots of people over think or worry that their allergies will be a burden on someone else. But to be honest, that's not the case at all. Us 8 gluten-free bloggers share our best tips to show you that being gluten-free in a relationship is nothing to be worried about.

The Best Tips from The Featured Gluten Free Bloggers of February (The GlutenAway Online Expo)

Faithfully Gluten Free (Jeanine Friesen)
"Instead of stressing, trying to find somewhere that can serve you safely, make preparing your dinner part of the night. It is so much easier to deal with allergies in your own kitchen. It doesn't need to be anything that is difficult to prepare - grilled steak, baked potato and salad are all pretty easy to make. You won't need to worry about having a bad restaurant experience, leading to a bad restroom experience"

Fearless Dining (Sandi Gaertner)
"My #1 tip when it comes to being gluten-free in relationships is to respect each other and each others needs...especially if both partners are not gluten free."

GlutenAway (Myself)
"Don't be afraid to share about being gluten-free on your first dates or to people that you meet. It's a part of you that will never change so you might as well be open about if from the beginning! Once that is made clear, you can spend the rest of the time worrying about getting to know each other instead."

Gluten Free Palate (Chrystal Carver)
"If you are entering into a new relationship make sure to be honest upfront about your food allergens and intolerances and help your sweetie understand why it’s important that you eat gluten-free. Communication is key!"

Gluten Free With Emily
"Learn to cook and make awesome meals and desserts! Seriously any partner you have will realize how amazing and tasty eating gluten free can be if you can knock their socks off with some home cooking and some amazing GF brownies! They do say its food that really wins over the heart..."

Simply Samantha 
"My biggest tip for relationships and being gluten free is to just be supportive. Especially if you are the NON gluten free person in the relationship. My husband's always been good about going to a place I can eat at or, if I’m nervous about asking for a gluten free menu or option (I’m introverted person ;), asking for me. Its all about support." Read my post about this to help!

Strength and Sunshin (Rebecca Pytell)
"Show compassion and have an open mind. If your partner or family isn't gluten-free as well, take time to sit down and maker sure everyone is fully educated and understanding of the concerns and dangers gluten can cause to a celiac. You didn't choose this diet and you're not being difficult. This is for your health and your loved ones need to respect that. Show them and allow them to try new gluten-free foods and dishes as well. Introduce the entire lifestyle and diet to them through a fun dinner that you cooked up, all gluten-free! They will be amazed how simple a few swaps can be and that that's all it takes to keep everyone safe and healthy!​"

The Big Man's World (Arman Liew)
"Know of food allergies prior to any date/endeavors involving food out. It will not only alleviate any awkwardness once out, but also take the relationship to another level- A more deeper, accommodating one. People may often hold back out fearing judgement or denial but that is simply an irrational fear."

Final Tip:
Did you notice a pattern in the tips shared from each blogger? The #1 tip we all shared was, "don't be afraid to share, be open, be honest, and be supportive of each other." Like any relationship, these things are crucial to making it last! You don't want to be with somebody who doesn't support you, let alone you being gluten-free. You want to be with someone who supports you whole heartedly despite your food limitations. That's what love is all about so surely a little less gluten in your life can't throw that away. Sure, dining out will always be harder and their will be some situations like kissing that need a little more support from the other. But when entering the dating scene or if you're dating already, just be honest and open from the get-go. You'll realize that being gluten-free isn't that big of an issue when it comes to relationships and that relationships should be about supporting each other after all.

What's your #1 tip for being gluten-free while in a relationship? Comment below!
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