The Best Gluten Free Resource for Valentine's Day (The GlutenAway Online Expo)

2016 means a lot more online gluten-free expos coming your way. I'm excited to announce that the first GlutenAway Online Expo is now open February 1st - February 29th! We'll be doing things a little bit differently now since the expos are all month long, but the content will still be the same and better than ever. I know Valentine's Day is a huge deal every time it comes around. That being said, it can be hard to find the right gluten-free treats. This February GlutenAway Expo is themed for Valentine's Day, relationships, and of course lots of things chocolaty. Make sure to check out all the giveaways, discounts, samples, recipes, tips, and more at! I'll be featuring some of the best content from the expo, below.

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Beyond Celiac: Need advice on going gluten-free or need help talking about it to a family member? Beyond Celiac, previously The National Foundation for Celiac Disease Awareness, is here to help! They have all the best resources to help you go gluten-free and go gluten-free the right way. Click Here for Beyond Celiac Booth!

Enjoy Life Foods: Honestly my favorite gluten-free company out there since they accommodate to so many other allergies and do it the right way. All products are top 8 allergen free and amazing tasting too. My favorite product has to be their dairy free chocolate chips which is great for Valentine's Day. I'm sure you know of them already but check them out if you don't yet. Click Here for Enjoy Life Foods Booth!

Gluten Free & More: My favorite gluten-free magazine out there. I'm always happy to work with such an awesome company that publishes the best gluten-free content around. Gluten Free & More works with not only myself but many other bloggers as well such as Celiac and the Beast, Vegetarian Mamma, I'm a Celiac, gfJules, and many more! Click Here for Gluten Free & More Booth!

Nima Sensor: Nima is a portable sensor that tests liquid and solid foods for the presence of gluten in about two minutes. Yep, you read that right! Don't feel to safe dining out away from home? Then take the Nima Sensor with you wherever you go to really test if the food you are about to eat is free of gluten. Click Here for Nima Sensor Booth!

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Best Giveaway

Enjoy Life Foods giveaway valued at over $100! Definitely one that you have to enter knowing that all their products are Top 8 Allergen Free as well. Enter Giveaway Here!

Best Samples

Clif Bar recently released New Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Luna Bars which you can be the first to try! We're sampling all 3 flavors over at! Check Out Clif Bar Booth!

Featured Bloggers of the Month for February

8 bloggers share their top gluten-free Valentine's Day recipes, products, and their best tip for being gluten-free and relationships! Click Here to View Featured Bloggers!

Valentine's Day Recipes

Us bloggers compiled 24 of the best Gluten-Free Valentine's Day Recipes for you to choose from! All are sweet and obviously very delicious. Click Here to View All 24 Recipes!

The GlutenAway Online Expo will be running from February 1st - February 29th. Next month will have brand new booths, recipes, giveaways, featured bloggers, and much more! We'll be running these expos every month from now on which means much more opportunities for you to get free stuff. If there's any improvements that you think could be made, feel free to let me know. If not, then I hope you enjoy the GlutenAway Online Expo for many months to come!

What's your favorite part of the GlutenAway Online Expo? The recipes? The giveaways? The samples? Comment below!
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