The GFFA Fest & GlutenAway Online Expo Team Up For Some Great New Features!

So this past weekend was the first time I was actually able to fly to an expo no where close to me. I've been waiting a long time to finally meet a lot of the people I met this weekend but I'm happy to say I made it out to Indianapolis this time around. It was important for me to make it out to this event because this GFFA Fest in Indianapolis is the first event collaborated with the GlutenAway Online Expo! What does that mean exactly? Well...a lot of the speakers, booths, and companies at this event will actually be able to be viewed all from home! The physical expo in Indianapolis may be over, but the online experience is just beginning at

Featured sponsors for the Holiday GlutenAway Online Expo

What this new partnership means for you:
The GlutenAway Online Expo will still be run by the same people, my mom and myself. However, we will be adding a bunch of new features to give you a real expo experience. A lot of the new improvements and add ons will be from Living Without's Gluten Free and More Magazine. We're happy to provide much more content that will make the expo bigger and better than ever, all from home. :)

New features at the GlutenAway Online Expo:

Speaker presentations from the actual GFFA Fests - Couldn't make it to the GFFA Fest in Indianapolis and missed a speaker's presentation? No problem! You'll be able to watch every presentation all from home so it will feel like you actually attended the event. These presentations will be available, here, on November 1st.

Easier giveaway entries - Instead of having to click through forms, you can now sign up for each giveaway right in the booth without having to go to a separate page. That means much more chances for you to win great gluten-free prizes!

In depth interviews to learn more about the companies you buy from - At each event, I'll be interviewing some big name gluten-free companies to find out things like their manufacturing process, new products coming out, reliability, and much more! My first interview will be with Enjoy Life Foods, coming soon.

More Holiday Recipes, Products, and Tips from your favorite bloggers - 8 great bloggers share their best information to get you ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up! See here.

More giveaways, samples, discounts and recipes - Each company provided a giveaway for you to try tons of their products! If you don't win, it's ok, you can get some samples and a discount for their products too.

Pictures from the GFFA Fest in Indianapolis:
My favorite part about going to these events is without a doubt getting to see the other amazing gluten-free bloggers. At this point, they all feel like my 2nd family so it's always fun whenever we all get to see each other again.

Personal note: This was the first expo I've ever flown to since getting diagnosed with all my conditions. was very hard for my body to handle. I had a very hard time keeping on my feet and staying with it but I was fortunate enough to have people who recognized this and cared. My #1 goal is to make it out to all these expos around the U.S. despite my health conditions that may limit me. I'm very appreciative of all the bloggers who support me while I'm there and I wanted to personally thank each of you who stopped by my booth. Seeing the people and seeing the bloggers is what helps me get through these days and I'm glad to continue going to these events for those very reasons. Thank you to everyone who came out! If you didn't make it, you can check out the GlutenAway Online Expo all November long.

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