The Fall GlutenAway Online Expo With New Features (September 1st - 7th)

The GlutenAway Online Expo is here once again with lots of new changes and features. Instead of just learning about gluten-free products, you’ll be getting the best gluten-free info, recipes, tips, and advice from the top bloggers in the gluten-free community. The best part is you’ll be getting this all from home! Does this means samples, giveaways, discounts, and product info will be gone? Not at all! You’ll still have access to many new gluten-free companies to learn all about. If you haven’t been able to attend a gluten-free expo in the past, you’re in luck! On September 1st - September 7th, the GlutenAway Online Expo will be open for all attendees to visit. The best part is that it’s all 100% free! You'll get special access to huge gluten-free giveaways, discounts, product samples, live demos, and much more all from the comfort of home. Who wants to get out of their bed and pajamas anyways? Check out the GlutenAway Online expo at and don't miss out!

What is an online expo?
An online expo is an interactive online event where gluten-free companies can display their goods and services just like a physical trade show.  Attendees can visit their online booths and enter into giveaways, receive free product samples, ask product questions, learn about new products, get exclusive coupons / discounts, and find great gluten-free recipes.

What are the new features in the Educational expo?
Its great getting samples, products, and giveaways when going gluten-free. But being gluten-free is a lifestyle so education is important too! With the new features added you will be able to view live cooking demos, view live streamed gluten-free bloggers, get recipes and tips for being gluten-free, plus get all the info you need from the top bloggers to become a gluten-free pro.

More Info:
When: September 1st – September 7th
Where: It can be accessed from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
What you need: Any device with wi-fi

GlutenAway Online Expo Overview

  • Free admission
  • Online booths of gluten-free companies and services
  • Major giveaways (valued between $20 and $200)
  • Tons of product samples and kits
  • Exclusive coupons and discounts
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Detailed product information - including allergens and ingredients
  • Easy online ordering

New features:
  • New booth layout
  • Gluten free blogger pages
  • Live cooking demos featuring new gluten-free products such as Enjoy Life
  • Live online demos from some of the top bloggers 
  • Tips from the top gluten-free bloggers on how to go gluten-free
  • Informative posts on going gluten-free
  • The top delicious gluten-free recipes hand -picked by bloggers

I wanted to thank all the bloggers for contributing such awesome recipe and info to this expo! I'm very excited for the new features and can't wait to host the live demos on 9/5 and 9/6 featuring some of them. Make sure to go to for more!
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