The Top 5 Myths About Going Gluten Free

There are many myths out there about being gluten-free that you'd be surprised people would actually believe. I come across these myths almost every single day and get countless comments from people who believe in them. Even some of those who are gluten-free believe in them but you can be one to judge for yourself. Being gluten-free isn't easy, so take the time to read these 5 myths and put them all to bed within the public and gluten-free community.

1. The gluten-free diet will make you lose weight
First off, this is by far the biggest myth and probably the most wide spread one about being gluten-free. I've had tons of people say to me, "oh, that sucks you can't eat gluten but at least you won't have to worry about your weight." Being gluten-free does not mean you eat healthier. In fact, most gluten-free processed foods have 2 or even 3 times more calories, fat, and sugars than the regular foods. If you're replacing junk with gluten-free junk, you're not going to lose weight. Lots of people actually gain weight by doing this.

2. All gluten-free food tastes like crap
I know there's lots of crappy gluten-free products out there that taste horrible. Believe me, I've had my share. But to think that all gluten-free products taste like crap is completely wrong. There are tons of gluten-free foods that taste amazing and almost exactly like the real thing! Instead of generalizing gluten-free foods as a whole, take time to explore and try new products. I can promise you that there are lots of great ones out there.

3. All gluten-free food is expensive
Quick fact: On average, if a product is labeled gluten-free it is likely to be 2.4x more expensive than one that is not. We all know that it's expensive but trust me, there are cheaper ways to do it. Some of the cheapest foods out there are naturally gluten-free already. Meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts can all be bought to create amazing meals. It takes time to figure out what works but you can eat gluten-free on a budget if you try to eat natural and plan accordingly.

4. Going gluten-free means you can't enjoy fun foods anymore
Going back to #2, most people think that eating gluten-free means you can't enjoy food anymore. Sure you have to remove a lot from your diet and can't eat many of the things you used to. But if you do some research, there are thousands of gluten-free recipes out there on the web. Finding new products and trying new recipes actually becomes a lot more exciting since you start to view food in a whole new way. Say you love brownies but have had to remove them since going gluten-free. How does this make you feel? Sad, upset, disappointed because you can't enjoy them anymore. Of course it does. But one day, you come across a brownie mix at the store and now you can make your own. You make them, they taste amazing, you're happy you found an alternative to that food you missed so much! See, this is one thing that makes you appreciate food so much more and one thing that will never get old.

5. Going gluten-free will fix all your health problems
I would love to say that this is true. That going gluten-free is all you need to do to make you feel better and recover from celiac disease. For some this is true! Some go gluten-free and feel 100% better unless they have gluten again. But for others, like myself, there may be other health problems that you have to treat. Other food intolerance like lactose intolerance are very common with celiac. Also, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, IBS, and many other problems can come along with it and may need more than just a gluten-free diet to be treated. If you are gluten-free and still don't feel 100% better, do some research and talk to your doctor because there may be more that you're dealing with. Being gluten-free fixes a lot of problems for those of us who have celiac, but for some it may take more than just that.
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  1. Number 1 is the biggest annoyance! Gluten-Free was NOT ever meant to be a weight loss diet and I want to know the person who first said it was! It is a medical "prescription" for those with Celiac, to keep up alive!

  2. Lol, I've gained weight! Probably because my body is actually absorbing nutrients & calories! Plus most ice cream is GF...