Live Kombucha Raw & Organic Soda Review

Since going gluten-free, I've cut main brand sodas out of my diet for good. Water and almond milk have been the only drinks in my diet for the last 5 years and honestly, I haven't missed those sodas at all. However, whenever I make a nice gluten-free burger or hot dog, there are definitely times I think that a soda would taste good right about now. Most main brand sodas are naturally gluten-free, but of course that doesn't mean they're healthy. Soda is loaded with tons of chemicals, sugars, and other harmful things that aren't good for you. So when I came across Live Kombucha Soda that was both raw & organic, I was in heaven.

What is Kombucha:
Kombucha is a sparkling probiotic tea, fermented for a fixed period of time to produce a slightly sweet and sour fizzy tonic. It's a living drink that's both delicious and detoxifying (meaning it goes down easy and cleans you right out). It's wellness magic.

Different flavors:
  • Culture Cola (Like Coke)
  • Dreamy Orange (Like Orange Soda)
  • Living Limon (Like Sprite)
  • Pomtastic Blueberry 
  • Pure Doctor (Like Dr. Pepper)
  • Refreshing Rhuberry
  • Revive Rootbeer 
  • Sparkling Ginger

How it tastes (in my opinion):
If you're used to drinking regular sodas like Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, etc, then live kombucha sodas may taste a little funny or different to you at first. But, if you haven't had soda in a while and if you're not used to drinking things like this, it will taste amazing. Also, keep in mind that this is a raw and organic soda with no artificial sugars. I've personally loved every single flavor and love being able to enjoy a healthy soda like the ones I used to drink.

Benefits of Live Kombucha:
  • Enzymes which help you break down sugars and process nutrients
  • B-vitamins your body needs for energy, healing, and brain function (the happy vitamins!)
  • Electrolytes that aid hydration
  • Antioxidants which reduce cell oxidation, i.e., slow down the aging process and prevent proliferation of ugly intruders like cancer cells
  • A number of different organic acids, including lactic acid, which is essential for healthy digestive and liver function; malic acid, which is helpful for liver detoxification; butyric acid, which guards and protects the lining of your stomach; amino acid, the building block of muscular tissue; and others.

My thoughts as a teenager:
Most reviews seem to be pretty generic and don't offer a true opinion on a product. Very rarely do I see negatives on a product review so here's my honest opinion.
  • Live Kombucha Soda does not taste exactly like the typical soda you're used to and may not be great to everyone
  • The flavors are honestly amazing and do resemble main brand flavors such as Dr. Pepper
  • You actually don't feel bad after drinking it and it's a great compliment to most gluten-free foods
  • I really enjoy how there are 8 different flavors. The Rootbeer was my favorite, Ginger my least favorite, but all the rest were great
  • Live Kombucha Soda is the only soda I will drink since I know it's healthy for me. I'd recommend you try it too :)
You can find Live Kombucha Soda at Targets around the U.S.! Here's their Store Locator!

Which flavor of Live Kombucha Soda looks the best to you? Comment below!
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  1. mate, you need to teach me how to drink kombucha- I bought a bottle from WF and nearly chocked on it- not what I expected! These look pretty decent though especially in soda form!

  2. The Live Kombucha Soda is the only kombucha soda I've tried and I've loved all of them! It definitely takes a little getting used to but I'd give theirs a try and you might like it more. The rootbeer especially!

  3. I would love to try these. I love rootbeer and ginger ale so those two would be my first choices.

  4. Pomtastic Blueberry sounds so refreshing! Congrats on the find - gotta love a new gluten free favorite popping up in your regular menu! :)