Celebrating Taylor's 18th Birthday!

This is a special guest post from Taylor’s mom, Laura.  Today Taylor turns 18 years old and officially becomes an adult.  As his mom, I can honestly say that Taylor has been wise beyond his years for quite awhile now and has lived life more like an adult than a teenager.  Some of it comes from just being amazingly mature and some of it comes from being forced to grow up quicker than most due to his life threatening health conditions.

Taylor has always been a kind, compassionate, caring kid.  Since starting his GlutenAway blog it has been inspiring to see him follow his passion and challenge himself with different goals along the way.  I can not be more proud of Taylor and all that he has done in the gluten free community.  I know that I am not the only one and that his positive attitude and perspective has helped thousands as they navigate through life while learning to live gluten free.

As a surprise to Taylor for his 18th birthday I reached out to some of our incredible partners in the gluten free community to put together the ultimate gluten free gift basket.   These people have been huge supporters and fans of Taylor since the beginning and have helped him grow as a blogger and advocate in the gluten free community.

Special Happy Birthday Shout Outs & Gifts Come From:

·         Enjoy Life Foods – Soft Baked Cookies, Seed & Fruit Mixes, Ricemilk Crunch Bars
·         Pamela’s Products – Baking Mixes, Graham Crackers, Hat. Apron, Pizza Cutter & More
·         Canyon Bakehouse – bread, buns, t-shirt & hat
·         Erica Dermer, Celiac & the Beast – t-shirt, spatula & chip clip
·         Surf Sweets – loads of organic gummy bears, jelly beans & candys
·         Wholesome Chow – bags of their new amazing cookies
·         So Delicious – cashew & coconut milk
·         GlutenLibre – t-shirt
·         HomeFree – lemon cookies, chocolate chip cookies
·         Caveman Foods – bars & jerky
·         Vegetarian Mamma – apron

Thanks to all the companies who  sent Taylor some of his favorite products and for making this day extra special.
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  1. Happy Birthday Taylor! What a great job you have done and as a grandmother of an 18 year old grandson I know how proud your family is of what you have accomplished. Good Job keep up the good work. Julia Mayes