What The Heck? Wednesday #22 (Lactose Intolerance & Celiac Disease)

A lot of people go gluten-free for celiac disease and think this will solve all their problems. Unfortunately this isn't for everyone. In fact, a large majority of the people that have celiac disease also have lactose intolerance! In this video and short post, I explain to you the connection between the 2 as well as the symptoms you should realize if you are lactose intolerant.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance:
  • Bloating.
  • Pain or cramps in the lower belly.
  • Gurgling or rumbling sounds in the lower belly.
  • Gas.
  • Loose stools or diarrhea
  • Throwing up.

Note: Symptoms of lactose intolerance usually occur within 30 minutes - 2 hours after consuming milk products.

Facts about the celiac / lactose intolerance connection:
  • Eating gluten when you were undiagnosed damages the villi in your intestine making it no longer able to digest the lactose molecule.
  • A large amount of people who go gluten-free for celiac disease are recommended to go dairy free as well for the first year.
  • It is possible for lactose to be reintroduced after going gluten-free for about 2 years.
  • Celiac disease and lactose intolerance are connected and should be tested on your own or by a doctor.
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  1. Yup....I'm a lactose intolerant celiac! When we figured out the lactose piece and I took out all dairy for a few weeks, what a relief. Now pretty much the only dairy I do is small amounts of certain brands of yogurt.

  2. Great info! I am new to this site and I am loving it. Great job, Taylor :)

  3. Let's also not forget that there is generally corn in every milk product, cheese is dusted with cornstarch, and often even non-dairy milk products are corn-an-ated. I know that corn is OFTEN a side-allergy of Celiacs.

  4. I am not lactose intolerant but I am corn makes me just as sick as gluten. If I was lactose intolerant too it would be so hard! Bad enough I have to make sure I buy from a grass fed organic dairy and it's so expensive.

  5. Hi! I am new to Celiac and now to Lactose intolerance. Does anyone know if taking Lactade will help with the symptoms? I feel like I am running out of things to eat. Especially for breakfast. Thanks for the information, it is very helpful!!!

  6. Christina OsorioMarch 1, 2015 at 3:46 AM

    Hello, MommyOF3. I am Celiac and Dairy intolerant. I tried to take the Lactade pills because I LOVE dairy. I didn't want to cut dairy out of my diet, however it did not work for me and ultimately I had to discontinue eating dairy all around.

  7. I too am both Celiac and dairy intolerant. Lactade pills did not work, sorry

  8. Well, aren't the proteins for dairy & gluten very similar? I know that my family doesn't consume either; I, however, consume sheep's milk yogurt & non-dairy alternatives. On a whole, we do OK.