That's It Bar Review (Gluten Free & Only 2 Ingredients)

I've had tons of people ask me over the last few months if I knew of any gluten-free bars that didn't contain soy, refined sugars, or have any fillers. A lot of the times I had trouble thinking of a bar or even finding a bar that doesn't have tons of unwanted additives. As much as I love Kind Bars and Larabars, I still didn't like that there was soy in the Kind Bars, and too much sugar in the Larabars. But when I finally came across this one bar I immediately thought, "That's It!" (I know..silly pun.)

That's It bars are one of my favorites because there are literally only 2 ingredients in them. Depending on the flavor, there's only apples, and pears...THAT'S IT! You don't have to worry about soy or any added sugars because literally the only ingredients are the fruits themselves. There are many different flavors to choose from, but there is always only 2 ingredients in each bar. This was the solution to one of my big problems and may be the solution to some of yours too. I always seem to find people that are looking for a better, (health wise), type of bar for them to have as a quick and easy snack. I will definitely say this is exactly what you are looking for!

Why I think That's It is best:
  • First of all it only has 2 ingredients! The fruit itself!
  • It has no additives or added sugars!
  • It's soy free unlike Kind Bars which many people would benefit from!
  • They are a great, healthy, and sweet snack to add to your kid's lunches!
  • They have more than one flavor!
  • They taste great without any added artificial sweeteners!


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  • Apples & Cherries
  • Apples & Apricots
  • Apples & Pears
  • Apples & Mango
  • Apples & Blueberry
  • Apples & Banana

  • Only 100 calories! 
  • 3g fiber  (helps you stay full longer, aids in digestion)
  • Fruit  (natural energy boost)
  • Vitamins A & C and Beta-Carotene  (antioxidant powerhouses)
  • Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-free, Diabetic friendly  (fits various lifestyles)

Where to buy:
That's It bars can be found at most Whole Foods or health food stores. I've even found them at Publix a few times but you can learn more about where to find them, here with their store locator! If you would like, you can also find them on amazon to purchase, Here!

I found that That's It Bars were an awesome alternative to the other bars if you are looking to avoid soy and refined sugars. Since they are natural and have only 2 ingredients, I know exactly what I'm putting my body and feel much safer doing it! I hope these bars work out for you as they are always one of my favorites. 

Note: This review was strictly out of my opinion, in no way was a payed to endorse or review this product.
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  1. These are a great way to have a snack and eat healthy at the same time! Apple & cherry and apple and pear are my faves!

  2. Thanks, Taylor. I'm a busy musician and teacher and am always looking for GF snacks to have in my bag. I'll look for these.

  3. Thanks for the review, these look seriously yummy.

  4. Thanks again! I've never heard of these before. Hittin up my Whole Foods tomorrow! U R Awesome!!

  5. I found these for sale at work. I am happy I was in a healthy snack mood cuz this was a great find! I must say though, I was kinda taken back for a sec when I first open cuz it looked like animal scat to me, but I went for ti anyway and wow! Great product! I went home and ordered a bunch off the website and also from amazon. Really hope my 5 and 2 year old will love them just as much. I need better snacks for them and this ones guilt free. God Bless You Taylor stay strong young man.

  6. I'm not vegan, vegetarian or allergic to gluten, soy etc...(basically I can and do eat everything lol) & I LOVE these. Surprisingly, the only place I can find them is at my local sheetz gas station & they only carry 3 flavors( Apples/pears, apples/strawberries & apples/cherries) but I've at least liked every one of the 3. Pear + Apple is my absolute favorite and I buy these the most, next would be Apple + Cherry and lasty Apple + strawberry only because I find the strawberry chunks slightly too large and the texture of the strawberry pieces isn't quite as soft as the rest of the bar... But the taste is still delicious. They're small but 1 bar is usually enough as long as I have something else with it (something like jerky or nuts go good with these IMO). I would love to try the other flavors, especially the Apple + blueberry, but I will have to order them online.

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