Contributing To My First Gluten Free Ebook

Working on an Ebook is something I have thought about creating on my own for a while. But for now I got the chance to happily contribute to this awesome Ebook which is, 7 Gluten Free Kid Friendly Recipes Everyone Will Love. This Ebook includes a lot of awesome and very easy recipes from several different gluten-free bloggers. The best part is that the Ebook is FREE! If you have kid that is gluten-free, I'm sure it's hard to tell them no to certain foods that other kids would be able to eat. I started going gluten-free when I was 13 so I never dealt with it so much as a younger kid, but I do know how it feels to be unable to have certain foods in school situations. This free Ebook features 7 Great Gluten-Free Kid Friendly Recipes and I am very happy to of been able to contribute to it. Hope you download the book and enjoy all the great, easy recipes inside!

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