Back From Vacation And Ready To Blog!

I share a lot of things from my perspective on my blog about the gluten-free diet as a teenager, but I don't really share too much about me and my life as a teenager! I thought with this post it would be fun to share a little more about me, my vacation I just got back from, and what I hope is to come for my blog in the future. As a teenager, I'll admit I have a pretty busy life. Even though I don't go to school, play sports, or do the normal things most teens do, I honestly think my life is 10x busier..I just got a new job at a gluten-free cafe, I have to constantly keep track of all my GlutenAway Social Media Sites, I have to write blog posts, make videos every Wednesday, work on virtual school assignments, and on top of that manage my Adrenal Disorder which can very easily make all the things I just listed above seem impossible some days. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm pretty busy for a teenager and of course I needed a break. I happily got that break by taking a vacation to Georgia this July to visit my girlfriend, Breann, which I can't express enough how much it helped.

A little more about me and my vacation:
Breann and I
Most people take vacations to beaches or warm places near the water. But me, I already live there so getting away to somewhere I can get my mind of things is a little different than just going to the beach. For me the thing that sounded best to me to relieve some stress was spending some time with my girlfriend Breann..and it was really needed. I took a vacation to Atlanta, GA and got to spend 9 whole days with Breann not having to worry about a single thing back home. It was her 16th birthday so we got to do a lot of things for that like a birthday dinner and I of course got her presents. This was my first vacation in a very long time and was the most relaxing and fun vacation I've ever had too. After getting back I really noticed how bad I needed a break with all I do and how much of a supporter Breann is in my life. I'm very happy I got to spend this time with my girlfriend and can't express enough how glad I am to have a place to go when I need to get a break from blogging.

What I hope to do now that I'm back:
Taking this time off really allowed me to clear my mind and get a fresh new start to everything I want to do with my blog. I of course am still going to be posting the same type of posts as before like recipes, WTH Wednesday videos, and much more that you're used to seeing. But a couple things I wanted to try and do more of is focus on sharing a little more about me and my life other than my diet and health. I feel like I've shared so much about my gluten-free diet and health but not so much about me as a person. So sharing more about my life as a teenager with Celiac and what I do each day is something I hope to add more of to my blog. Also featuring more posts on Adrenal Issues is something I will focus much more on as well since I think this is a topic that really needs to be brought up more to people with Celiac Disease. It's very important that people do become aware of adrenal issues which is why I will try to advocate it as much as possible through the 2nd half of the year. Lastly doing some giveaways throughout the year is another thing I will add to my blog since I really have so many gluten-free products I can share with you and would like to give away. Look for a giveaway to come by the end of July for my 1 year blog mark and I hope you enjoy my next blog posts to come for the 2nd half of the year!
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  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a nice trip and can't wait to see what you have coming!

  2. Thanks Brittany! Can't wait to share all my posts now that I'm back!

  3. Awesome that you had a great trip - sometimes it's nice to get away from things. I'm really excited you are going to start a few personal posts. I'm a gluten-free celiac and the lack of personal gluten-free blogs is actually why I started my own! I'll be on the lookout! :)

  4. Thanks Casey! Hopefully some more of the personal stuff and topics I will share will give a little more to my blog. Thanks for commenting!

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