What The Heck? Wednesday #8 (Whey)

For this video I got the ingredient whey submitted to me which I though was a great one. When I first went gluten-free I always wondered about this one too so hopefully I can give you a better idea on whether it is safe or not. I also talked pretty fast to cover a lot of info quickly but I'll post key points below!


Key points:
  • Whey of any form is guaranteed to be gluten-free and is not associated with wheat!
  • Whey is a protein found in milk that goes along with casein!
  • There can be cross contamination issues with whey, just check with the manufacturer.
  • If you have a dairy allergy then whey is something you should avoid.
  • If you aren't dairy free, whey can actually help with texture while baking!

Thanks to Nicole F. for submitting whey to me for this video. Comment an ingredient below you would like me to do a video on and I'll get to it next week!
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