What The Heck? Wednesday #7 (Modified Ingredients)

For this video I decided to do it on modified ingredients in general. This can range from modified starches, modified sugars, and to genetically modified ingredients as well. I give you a better idea of one specific ingredient to avoid on the gluten-free diet in general, and some info on what "modified" means as well! Oh, and don't mind Max in the beginning either...haha!

Key points:
  • Modified food starch is safe if you are gluten-free!
  • Modified corn starch can be derived from wheat in some cases and have wheat based ingredients so be careful.
  • In most cases if a modified ingredient contains gluten, it will say so in the allergen info.
  • A modified ingredient does not always mean it is genetically modified, although there is no way to tell if it is due to the U.S. labeling system..


Please share with me an ingredient you would like me to do a video on next week that you may want to learn more about and thanks for watching!
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