Introducing Cards For Restaurant Allergy Awareness!

I've been gluten-free for 3 years now and have pretty much found a way to overcome any situation with Celiac Disease and make it easier. But the one thing that seems to not be getting easier no matter how hard I try is dining out. I hate having to explain my allergies each and every single time I decide to eat out away from home. I especially hate how I spend a majority of the time when I'm dining out worrying about if my food is even safe or not instead of actually enjoying my meal. That's why I came up wit this idea to help make dining out with any type of allergy normal again and something we can all enjoy.

What my cards are:
My idea I came up with is allergy awareness cards that are personally customized to you and your allergies for when you eat out. Instead of having to explain to the waiter in detail about your allergy each time you dine out, you can simply give them this card that states your allergies and tell them to give it to the chef as you are very allergic. These cards are called, "I Am...Cards" and can be carried around in your wallet to be used for anytime you are dining out. If the kitchen and chef are specifically given this card from the waiter you gave it to, then I feel like the chance of your meal being kept safe is much more likely compared to just telling the waiter about your allergies. I think these cards will make it much easier for both the waiter and kitchen to be aware of your allergies and possibly make your dining experience safer each time. I also came up with the design of the cards and website,, all by myself which took months in the process. There are many things I will probably change about these cards as I go along, but for now I think they are good to go and you can actually buy them through my store!

What's unique about it:

Unlike some other cards I have seen before, I wanted to make these something that stood out and was something that really any person could understand. I tried to consider the time schedule and attention span of a chef or waiter in a busy restaurant and knew I had to make these cards simple enough where they can read it in a short amount of time. You can actually check any of the allergies that you may have with the check boxes that are listed, or you can write an allergy you have that is not listed in a space provide on the card. Your name and table number can also be written so that the kitchen and waiter knows exactly which meal is to be monitored and kept free of your allergies.

Different cards:
I chose for now to design 3 different cards that can benefit not only those that are gluten-free, but those that have really any type of allergy. I created a restaurant card for Celiac Disease, multiple food allergies, or if you are just gluten-free in general. When you order you get a total of 25 cards for the one price provided. If you think about how many times you dine out a week or month, this is actually a very good deal since you only use 1 card per dining experience. If you would like to order more than 25 though, this can be arranged! Also, if you are a restaurant or business and would like to bulk order these cards to already have displayed for when customers arrive, this can be arranged as well.

My goal for I Am...Cards:
My biggest goal in general has been to help the gluten-free community or really anyone in any way I can. I feel like that with these cars it can possibly make dining out easier since I know this is something that everyone with a food allergy struggles with. I want to be able to make dining out normal again or at least an experience where you actually enjoy the meal you are having instead of having to worry about each bite you take and whether it is safe for you or not. I also hope to get these cards into restaurants so that they are already there for customers to fill out when they arrive. That way the restaurant can already have an internal operating system and possibly be made more aware of your allergies from the start. Please share these cards with anyone with any type of food allergy because I really feel this can be something that can benefit pretty much everyone while dining out.

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  1. Your idea to get them in to the restaurants is great. Have you contacted anyone to help you do this? I would love it if restaurants actually had them waiting when you walk in the door or on the table.

  2. Thanks! I'm trying to get in contact with some people because that truly is my biggest goal with these cards. Even if restaurants stole my idea and decided to do them on there own, at least it would still be raising awareness in some way. I know it will take time but I envision these being in restaurants all around the U.S. someday. I'm working on it!

  3. I wish you luck. I wish I knew someone in the restaurant business who could help :) It's such a good idea.

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