Elana's Pantry Paleo Cookbook Review

This week I'll be happily giving away a free copy of Paleo Cooking from Elana's Pantry! I was very excited to receive this cookbook since I have actually made some of her recipes before from her website, elanaspantry.com and of course always love to cook. You may know that I try to eat as natural as possible on the gluten-free diet and am actually on something called the 80/20 diet right now. Many of the foods I eat are natural and have to be low sugar because of my adrenal disorder as well. This book is full of tons of great Paleo gluten-free recipes that really blew me away at how simple they were. Hope you enter my giveaway to receive a free copy and good luck!

Types of recipes: (All Gluten-Free)
  • Breakfast (Bagels, pancakes, muffins, etc.)
  • Breads and crackers (Banana bread, tortillas, garlic crackers, etc.)
  • Vegetables (Salads, soups, noodles, etc.)
  • Entrees (Gumbo, fillets, burgers, etc.)
  • Condiments, spreads, and toppings (Sauces, dressings, syrups, etc.)
  • Pies, pastries, and crusts (Coconut cream tart, Peach cherry crisp, etc.)
  • Ice-cream (Chocolate sorbet, key lime ice-cream, coffee ice-cream, etc.)
  • Cookies and bars (Chocolate mint cookies, lime bars, flourless nut brownies, etc.)
  • Beverages (Spicy Chai, ginger ale, mojito mocktail, etc.)

My favorite things about Paleo Cooking from Elana's Pantry:
  • Since I eat mainly all natural foods, this cook book featured a lot of recipes that I would actually make and could eat!
  • Big colorful pictures along with the recipes which is very nice to see.
  • They are all gluten-free and fairly healthy, if they aren't healthy then they are probably a dessert but that's fine with me!
  • Lots of low sugar recipes which is great for me and my adrenal disorder!
  • A lot of these recipes don't actually need a lot of ingredients like I've noticed with a lot of paleo recipes which is awesome to me!

Thanks to Elana for sending me this book and doing a giveaway on my blog! 
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