Tummy Drops (Natural Remedy for Upset Stomachs)

Getting stomach pains, an upset stomach, or just nausea is something I think a lot of people with Celiac Disease or are gluten intolerant often deal with. I cannot get through my day without getting an upset stomach at least one time for whatever reason. I know there are probably tons of drugs or medicines you can try that will possibly relieve the pain over time. But have you thought about trying a natural supplement instead? You may know that ginger is a natural remedy for upset stomachs. So when I found these Tummy Drops that were gluten-free, natural, and relieved my upset stomach within a couple minutes without any side affects...I was hooked!

What's the catch with Tummy Drops?
There is none! When I was told that these Tummy Drops would relieve my stomach problems within a couple minutes, I was a little skeptical too. But after trying it a couple times I began to realize that it was much better than what any other medicine could do. One of my favorite parts too was that it didn't even feel like I was taking medicine! These Tummy Drops are in the form of hard candies and come in 2 different flavors that actually taste good. They are natural, gluten-free, GMO free, and pretty much free of all allergens. They also have no side affects either unlike most stomach reliever medicines you may get at the drug store.

What can Tummy Drops be used for?
The Tummy Drops can be used for multiple upset stomach purposes I found. When I go throughout my day I usually deal with many different types of stomach issues that I sometimes cannot get rid of. I get sharp pains, nausea, upset stomach, and just an unsettling bloating feeling sometimes. I'm sure these are all things you deal with because I know I can't be alone on this. When trying these drops I found that they work much better for upset stomachs and nausea than the sharp pains I would get. I would notice however that they would work almost instantly after chewing on the candies unlike a lot of the stomach medicines I have taken before. If you do deal with any stomach problems at all, I would really recommend giving this product a try since it is so easy to have and carry around. Plus, why wouldn't you want to give it a try if it can possibly help with your stomach issues without having to worry about other side affects.

Tummydrops Ingredients

  • All-natural! Brown rice syrup, dried cane syrup, natural color from beet, natural ginger powder (proprietary blend), and other natural flavors.
  • Only 10 calories each (zero weight watchers points), fat and cholesterol free! GLUTEN-FREE.

My favorite thing about it:
  • For Celiac Awareness Month I wanted to make people more aware of natural ways to improve your health in general. That being said, these Tummy Drops are a much better alternative to relieving upset stomachs compared to other drugs.
  • There are 2 different flavors that both taste like candy and nothing like medicine!
  • It works literally within minutes which amazes me and has helped so much.
  • It's not a drug so that means no other crazy side affects you have to worry about!
  • It truly has helped a lot of my stomach problems I would deal with each day with Celiac Disease.
I hope you give these natural Tummy Drops a try to help with any stomach issues you may have! For more on the product, Go Here!
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  1. I'm going to look into these. I often get strange, unexplained gut pain occasionally. Thanks!

  2. No problem! I would get the same thing as you randomly and these definitely helped. Hope they help you too!

  3. What store can I get these at?

  4. I think they are coming to more Whole Foods but for now they are on amazon.com!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you! My 10 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with celiac. Your blog definitely helps her to see she is not alone and can have a happy and successful GF life. Very thankful for you and your dedication to inform the world. :-)

  6. I had a Whipple 3 years ago and I have frequent stomach issues, both nausea and gas/bloating. These drops (in both flavors) have been a God send. They do calm my stomach within minutes. They are like a miracle drug without the drugs.

  7. Thanks for the information. Helpful for me as a written reference. cara mengobati asam lambung naik