Guest Post on Adrenal Issues for Gluten Free School

Even though my adrenal issues are a little more extreme, Adrenal Fatigue is something that I believe many people that have Celiac Disease or are gluten-free deal with each day. It's not some crazy rare disease that you may or may not have. No, it's something that's proven to affect everybody in some points of their life, especially those with Celiac. This is a great post about how people that are gluten sensitive are more likely to have adrenal issues throughout their life. I got to share my input as well as a little bit of my story in this post on
I wanted to thank Jennifer Fugo for sharing part of my story in this post and for shedding more light on this topic. I truly believe that there are many gluten-free individuals that are suffering from adrenal fatigue symptoms each day that they can easily fix. I hope you enjoy my input in this post and I hope you learn a little more about Adrenal Fatigue as well!
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