What the Heck? Wednesday #3 (Modified Food Starch)

This week for my 3rd What the Heck? Wednesday, I decided to do my video on modified food starch! I'll give you a better idea of the ingredient and help you know if it is something you should avoid or not on a gluten-free diet. I was very tired in this video by the way so I apologize!


Key points:
  • Modified food starch can contain wheat without being labeled so!
  • It is only guaranteed safe if found in a gluten-free product!
  • Processed meats do not have to say where the modified food starch is derived from which could be from wheat!
  • In most cases modified food starch is gluten-free but not in all.
  • I would be safe and avoid this ingredient as much as possible due to misleading labeling issues.

Comment an ingredient below that you would like me to do a video on for next Wednesday to learn more about it!
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