What the Heck? Wednesday #2 (Xanthan Gum)

This week for What the Heck? Wednesday I decided to do my video on Xanthan Gum! This video was a little bit longer than my first one since there is a little more information to cover. I also kind of got sidetracked mid way through...which you will hear in the video. Haha, hope you like it!


For some alternatives to Xanthan Gum, Click Here!

Comment below an ingredient for next week and I will try and do a video for it then! The list of ingredients is growing so thanks to everyone so far and I hope you enjoy these videos!
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  1. You must be reading my mind, me & a coworker was just talking about this the other day, we was calling it x gum (we didnt evan know how to pronounce it). So thanks for all the info, love your blog

  2. Glad I could help! I always wondered about this ingredient too and just got reminded by someone on FB about it. Thanks for commenting and I hope you'll watch my video next week!

  3. Excellent - and the little dog is a nice add! :)

    I am enjoying your Wednesday segments.


  4. Haha, thanks! I thought about cutting the dog out but I thought it was kinda funny so why not. Hope you watch my video next week and glad you are liking them!

  5. Interesting, we;ve been working on a post about xanthum vs. guar gum. Maybe we can post your video too at the same... to add another voice on it?

  6. Yea, that would be awesome! Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!