What the Heck? Wednesday #1 (Agave Nectar)

This is my first What the Heck? Wednesday video on Agave Nectar! Wanted to make it short and simple to just make you more aware of the ingredient Agave Nectar. I choose this ingredient saying, "What the Heck?" more because of the mislabeling of the ingredient as a healthy alternative to a sweetener. I explain more in the video.

Here are the sources I got the info from:

For next week, send me an ingredient you may want to know more about! I want a lot of them to be more from the products you find rather than for an ingredient you bake or cook with. I can do a video on any ingredient you'd like to hopefully help you learn a little bit about it. Comment an ingredient below or tweet it to me next time you come across one. Thanks! To learn more about What the Heck Wednesdays, Click Here.

Note: In moderation Agave Nectar is ok, but I don't recommend using it as your go to replacement sweetener for every recipe as it may cause health problems as I explained.
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  1. Your product of the week contains agave. What the heck? I'm an agave fan and I use it in moderation as it is meant to be used. The internet is loaded with misinformation about agave.

  2. I agree it should be used in moderation. I think in things like that Ice-cream it's fine since that is not something you eat every day. But using it as a replacement sweetener for everything I think can clearly cause health problems. I apologize if you got the wrong idea that it is something you should avoid 100%. Just trying to provide more info to people that may want it.

  3. Thanks Taylor for sharing! I know that "agave" is seen as natural, but many people *may* be confusing that with the "aguamiel" a traditional, minimally processed mexican sweetening liquid . Since the fructose count is higher than HFCS, I am stoked you chose to highlight this as an "avoid" item--whether people see that as "limiting" or completely avoiding the product as I have chosen, it's an important message to share. Did NOT know it was linked to the increase in perivascular fat--DANG!!! Can't wait till next Wednesday!

  4. You're welcome! You actually helped me realize that it was an ingredient I should start using less of. I learned a lot while doing research on it, the perivascular fat was most surprising to me too. Glad you liked my video!

  5. I'm so glad you did your video on agave. I have always wondered abou this and have heard so many mixed things about it. I always just avoided it since I was never sure about it. I am glad I did now. Thanks! I'm really into this What the heck Wednesday. I never knew about coconut sugar! I'm definitely using that in my next batch of cookies. :)

  6. Glad I could help! I've never used coconut sugar either but have heard tons of good things about it and nothing bad. Hope you catch me next week for my next WTH Wednesday!