Taste Guru Gluten Free Box Review

Back in March I got the awesome opportunity to receive Taste Guru's Gluten-free Box of the Month! To me this was something I was very excited to get because hey, who doesn't like coming home to a box of gluten-free goodies on your door step. There are so many things that I got to find inside and got to try that I really have never tried before! Sadly I am dairy free as well so I could not try some of the foods that looks best, but who says that stops me from reviewing the package as a whole. In this review I'll give my thoughts on the website, products, and awesome package I received from Taste Guru! I'll also let you know how you can get yours too.

What is the Taste Guru Box?
I don't know if any of you have been through this but I've gone through countless times where I'd spend money on a new gluten-free product only for it to taste nasty and be a waste. A lot of the times I'd just feel like I'm taking a risk with each new thing I tried and never really felt like it would be worth it. Finally, when I got The Taste Guru Box I felt like this wouldn't be a problem anymore. What they do is take the best new gluten-free goodies each month and put it in one box to be delivered right to your doorstep. Awesome, right? If you're the type of person that hates going to the store and risking money on a new G-free goodie that may or may not taste good, then this box is probably a lot better of an option for you.

What's in the box?!?
Since there are always new gluten-free products to try and what seems like to be an endless amount of new ones coming out, each box is different each month. But here is just a list of some of the awesome things I got!
  • Happy Morning Organic Breakfast Smoothie (Delicious..btw)
  • Pico De Galo Bean & Rice Chips (Also Delicious..)
  • Schar Sub Sandwich Rolls (Noticing a pattern here? lol)
  • Beef & Chicken Style Sticks
  • Namaste Spice Cake Mix
  • Better Bouillon Chicken Style Broth
  • Lieber's Knaidal Mix
  • Schar Chocolate Hazelnut Bars (Man..I wish I could try this!)

How can you get one?
You can easily get one delivered to your door step by going to Tasteguru.com! You can order one for a friend, family member, as a gift, or most likely..for yourself. Haha, don't deny it. You can even get a one year subscription where you get a box delivered to your house every month. Not just once..every..month! I think it's very cool, especially for the people that are unable to go out and buy many gluten-free things. This just makes going gluten-free much easier in my opinion and I think would be a great gift for someone, or just for yourself. For more on their box and how you can get a new one each month, Click Here!

My favorite things about Taste Guru:
  • One of my favorite things is that they take the time and labor out of trying to find new gluten-free products. They make it much easier to try gluten-free products you can trust instead of taking a chance at the store, which I've done tons of times.
  • How it's delivered right to your door is awesome! I can't tell you the exciting feeling I had once I got to opening that box. (Like Christmas all over again!)
  • The variety of different gluten-free options they provide is I think great for any type of person. They have goodies for baking, cooking, and just snacks and sweets for eating. You pretty much get a little bit of everything which is nice.
  • My favorite thing about Taste Guru is that they provide this service to anyone and everyone. They are probably making it easier for many people new to gluten-free as well! If you're just starting out, you really feel like there is nothing good left to eat. But I think this box just helps with that and shows that being gluten-free doesn't mean you can't enjoy the variety of food that is really there all along.

A big thanks to Taste Guru for sending me this awesome box! Everything I tried was great and I got to find a lot more G-free goodies because of it. Thanks again and I hope people enjoy theirs too!
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