"What the Heck?" Wednesdays

This is a new idea I came up with to post every Wednesday! Have you ever read a label and come across an ingredient you can hardly pronounce? Have you heard crazy things about a certain ingredient and wondered "What the Heck?" Or is there just an ingredient you are worried about in general? Just because we live on a gluten-free diet doesn't mean we are kept safe from the tons of crazy ingredients seen today. Sure we could sit down and look up each individual ingredient in a boring text based way. But who wants to do that?!? This is my solution to help you learn about what's in the food you're eating but with a little fun each Wednesdays.

How it works?
Since I'm just kicking this off, each Wednesday I will pick one ingredient I come across in my daily life. I'll start to make fun short videos about things like..
  • Where does the ingredient come from? 
  • What else is it used in? 
  • What health affects can it have? 
  • Are there alternatives?
But there is one thing..I don't want this to just be about ingredients I find. I want you to take part in it too! If you happen to come across an ingredient and think to yourself, "What the heck is that?" send it to me! Mention the ingredient in a comment, tweet it to me, send it to me on Facebook. Whatever works!

What counts as a "What the heck" ingredient submittion?
  • If you have trouble pronouncing it (ex. sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate....Wow)
  • If you heard the ingredient was also used in something like yoga pants (There is one..)
  • If you've worried about what affect an ingredient poses to your health 
  • If you want to know where an ingredient comes from
  • If you want to know more about an ingredient in general
  • And last of all...if you literally say "What the heck is that?"
All those can be a "What the Heck?" Wednesday ingredient and what counts as a ingredient for me to do a video on. It doesn't have to be from an item that is gluten-free but that would be more preferable. Again it's not required! 

My goal with this idea:
My main goal for "What the Heck" Wednesdays is to show that even on the typical gluten-free diet, there can still be tons of crazy ingredients we eat each day that aren't healthy. I also want to make this a fun, super quick way to provide info you can easily use through out your daily life and just make you more aware of what's in the food we eat daily. I think I can use this as an easy way to share more videos on my blog and hopefully give you a more fun experience. There has to of been tons of times where you'd wonder "What the Heck?" when coming across an ingredient or reading a label. So I think this can be a fun and easy way to start learning about the ingredients we consume each day.

How to submit:
It's simple. You can..
  • Comment the ingredient below!
  • Tweet me the ingredient anytime you find one!
  • Mention it to me on Facebook whenever!
  • Send me a picture of the label!
  • Use whatever is easiest for you to let me know about an ingredient when you come across it!
If you have an ingredient you've said "What the Heck?" to and would like to know more about it, comment the ingredient below and I will make a video on it to post the following Wednesday! Hope you like this new idea! All feedback is welcome!

Note: I may not get to your ingredient the exact week after if more than one ingredient is submitted, but I will let you know when I do.
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  1. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to see the video on Wednesday!

  2. Thank you! I'm hoping it catches on and people like it. I'm trying to make them all around 2 minutes long so they are pretty quick for people to learn a little bit about ingredients. Hope you like it as well, it will be up tomorrow!