Tips for Parenting a Child with Celiac Disease

Many of the things I have learned and expressed on my blog couldn't of been done without the support and parenting from my mom. As hard as I imagine being a parent is, having a kid with celiac I know has to be harder. For this post, I actually had the pleasure to be able to guest blog for Jackie Ourman of!

I couldn't thank Jackie enough for having me post on such a great topic. She came to me about the idea and I immediately knew that is was something many parents would find useful. I know a lot of parents can probably express their tips for what they've done for their kids. But I knew no kids have ever expressed what things they thought their parents did was best! That's why I think this post can be very helpful since it's from the view of someone that is younger and can give tips from the experiences I'm going through now.
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  1. Thank you, Taylor! It was a pleasure to have you guest post on my blog. Your insight is so valuable to those of us in the celiac community!

  2. Thank you! So glad to be able to do it and am glad to hear I my insight is valued in the celiac community:)

  3. This is awesome. Our kids found out they could no longer eat gluten at 9 and 11. Both have taken it very well.

    We were also blessed with teachers at their school who cared. One teacher went out of her way to have gluten free cookies in her little freezer for whenever another child brought unannounced treats. This year in middle school, one teacher calls me whenever there is a science project that will have foods so that I can either provide gluten free versions, or advise the teacher if a brand is gluten free.