Food For Good Thought Gluten Free Bakery

A couple weeks ago I took a visit back to my home town of Columbus, Ohio to visit some of my friends and do one of my required doctors visits for my Adrenal disorder. Both things I was actually looking forward too which might surprise you! One, my friends are awesome so why wouldn't I be excited to see them? And two, I thankfully have great endocrinologists that have helped my life greatly. All in all I was pretty excited to go...except for the cold of course. But the one thing I was destined to do while visiting was check out some great gluten-free bakeries! Food For Good Thought was on the list.

Food For Good Thought was one of the few gluten-free bakeries that I found in Columbus, Ohio that had both gluten-free and dairy free options. It was a small little shop run by a family that also gives jobs to kids with autism. Many of the things they sold were amazing, and I literally was a kid in a candy store. (Except the candy is tons of gluten-free treats!) Since I am also dairy free, I only had so many options but still tons to choose from. The 2 things I decided to get were chocolate cupcakes with dairy free icing, and a BIG peanut butter cookie. The cupcake and cookie unfortunately didn't last long enough to make it in a picture...I tried holding off until I got back to Tampa but just couldn't do it..

Both the cookie and cupcakes tasted amazing. The entire bakery was dedicate gluten-free, so I felt very happy not having to worry about anything. (This was a first for me) If you are just gluten-free their is tooons of sweets to choose from unlike most places. If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio I really do recommend going to the Food For Good Thought Gluten Free Bakery out of all. They were all very well informed about what was in each baked good and had much more than just baked goods themselves. You can also buy online or check out their awesome gluten-free products on their website. I will definitely be back again next time I'm in Columbus and I really recommend you do the same if you are ever in Columbus too!

My favorite things about this bakery:
  • It's Dedicated gluten-free!
  • Has tons of different types of sweets!
  • Many dairy free options!
  • They have more than just food!
  • Well informed and very nice staff!
  • Their baked goods tasted awesome!
4185 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214

Thursday - Sunday
12:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Note: This review was strictly out of my own opinion, I was not payed or asked to write this review to endorse this company in any way.
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  1. You should check out Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle. They are both gluten free and vegan! So no dairy and no eggs. And they avoid soy. LOVE THEM!

  2. I actually want to go to Seattle some day. I'll make sure to keep a not of that bakery if I ever do. Thanks!