Is Coffee Gluten Free?

Wondering "Is coffee gluten-free?" is something I don't think most people worry about. But coffee is actually something very common that can very easily not be gluten-free and get you sick without you knowing! Here is a list of tips to help avoid coffee that may contain gluten and some things to know about coffee too. Also, below you will find a gluten free coffee list of all the main producers and places that sell coffee.

Tips for avoiding gluten in coffee:

           1.  Be careful of coffees at work!
    • Most of the coffees in work offices are usually the cheap brands that are much more likely to contain gluten so be careful.
           2.  Cross contamination is the main cause of reactions from coffee!
    • A lot of restaurants / coffee houses have disclaimers stating that their is a chance of cross contamination when the coffee is brewed and cannot be controlled.
    • Also the factories and fields from which the coffee beans are distributed from have a chance of cross contamination.
            3.  Buy ground coffee from stores instead of already brewed coffee from                                    restaurants!
    • In coffee shops other products are sold like, donuts, bagels, muffins, etc. But when you buy ground coffee from the store it is individually packaged and has a far less chance of being cross contaminated with any other products.
            4.  Avoid the flavored coffees and stick to the originals you know will be                                      gluten-free!
    • Many of the flavored coffees are the ones that are the most dangerous, especially the ones from gas stations, fast food, & some restaurants too. Stick to the simple ones and flavor yourself. It's much safer.

Coffee Shops

Caribou Coffee
All coffees are labeled gluten-free EXCEPT the ones listed below! There are also no disclaimers stating the chances of cross contamination related to gluten on their page.
  • All Chocolate Covered Espressos
  • Coffee Mocha 
  • Caribou Coolers
  • Peppermint Flavored Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
The only products that actually have gluten listed are the coffees containing Oreos. Although their coffees don't say they contain wheat, I called customer service to get more info. I was told there is a great chance of cross contamination when the coffee is brewed since it is made in the same area as all the other products. Depending on how sensitive you are to gluten, I would recommend staying away from Dunkin' Donuts.

All coffees, hot beverages, and cold beverages are labeled gluten-free EXCEPT the ones listed below!  
  • McCafé Mocha
  • McCafé Hot Chocolate
  • McCafé Iced Mocha
  • McCafé Frappé Mocha
  • McCafé Frappé Chocolate Chip
There are no disclaimers on McDonald's nutritional page stating there is a chance of cross contamination. Based on their allergen website this is one of the best places if you're looking to get brewed coffee on the go!

Note: If you get the coffees listed above without the chocolate drizzle then it will be gluten-free.


Starbucks currently has their allergen info page unavailable, but I will add all the gluten-free products as soon as it's updated! So note that they do have a disclaimer - We cannot guarantee that any of our beverages are allergen free because we use shared equipment and handle allergens throughout the store. 

Tim Hortons

All coffees, cold beverages, and hot beverages are labeled gluten-free Except their Brownie Iced Cappuccino Supreme.

Very important disclaimer -  Due to the possibility of ingredient transfer that can occur in the production process at Tim Hortans, we recommend that anyone with a food allergy refrain from consuming any of our products. The welfare of our guests is our first concern and we are hopeful our recommendation will be accepted.

Coffee Producers  

Eight O'Clock

Based on the ingredients and labels I read there is no gluten added to any of Eight O'Clock's products. There coffees have no additives and the only ingredient listed on their products are the coffee beans themselves. Also there are no disclaimers stating cross contamination problems with their products.

Full Disclaimer - All coffees are labeled gluten-free, additionally, our flavored coffee products may contain added ingredients that are not gluten free. - Our Folgers roast and ground coffee items are produced in a dedicated facility where no other types of agricultural crops are handled or processed; however, due to the use of common equipment within the agricultural community to harvest, store and transport crops, our roast and ground products may contain trace amounts of grain-based ingredients. All in all, Folgers should be fine, but if you are more sensitive I would recommend staying away from them.

Maxwell House

By reading each label and looking at the ingredients of each coffee, all there coffees are definitely gluten-free and have no additives. There are no disclaimers on there website saying they are made or produced in a facility with wheat; so Maxwell House is a very safe option too.


All coffees are labeled gluten-free and is actually known as one of the most dedicated natural coffee producers. Also to note, there are no disclaimers stating the likelihood of cross contamination within there coffee production. Nescafe is another safe option to go with for gluten-free coffee.

Note: If there are any other coffee producers you would like me to include on here please leave a comment to let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Nice article. Another thing to consider is that some people "cross-react" to coffee. So if they're body has become severly ill due to long-term gluten exposure, the gut may get confused and think that the coffee molecule is actually a gluten molecule, because they are similar in shape. Once the body heals, it may not have this reaction, and this reaction is not the same for everyone. Here's a little more about cross-reactivity:

  2. Wow, I never knew that. Thanks for letting me know! I always like learning new things that involve allergies. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Also, that's a great article about cross-reactivity! Thanks again!

  4. I was looking on the McDonalds website for all the ingredients and none of the coffees say they have wheat in them… I was wondering where I can go to find that info.

    Thanks :)

  5. The chocolate drizzle has modified food starch which will usually only affect people that are really sensitive. I can put that if you get it without the chocolate drizzle that it would be gluten free if that would help! Sorry I wasn't clear about that. :/

  6. As an avid coffee drinker and sensitive Celiac, I stay away from any coffees that are flavored. A lot of coffee packs for the Keurig machines are going to be artificially flavored. Also, when at Starbucks, I know their mixes for their Fraps are not gluten-free, but all of their coffees (Pikes, Bold Roast, and Medium Christmas) are gluten-free. I don't think I would ever chance a Dunken Donuts coffee, most are flavored and going in to get it would be scary enough.

  7. Thanks for your input! Since I'm 15 I never really drink coffee anyways, but even I would know to stay away from Dunken Donuts too. Thanks again!

  8. Your blog is really amazing with all the bits and pieces of information I can share with my friends and followers. Thanks and more power!

  9. You're welcome! Thanks for the support and I appreciate you sharing the info along with others!

  10. Hi! Do you usuallyutilize online social websites?

  11. I use twitter and facebook mainly to connect with more gluten-free people. It's worked great if that's what you were asking.

  12. Starbucks Frappucinos are not GF because they all contain malt

  13. Thanks! I know they're a big one. I'll go and try to get the info again to update that part of the post. I know they're one of the biggest coffee places too.

  14. Wow, mind blown! I'm not celiac, but very sesitive and had no idea. Coffee was completely off my radar. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  15. You are awesome and kind for having this blog. :))

    Don't forget about ad revenue, for you site! Its a great way to make money and further liberate yourself from the gripping slavery that society IS.

    Peace to you and thanks again.

  16. What about Melitta brand coffee?

  17. All Melitta brand coffee is gluten-free and contains no added additives as listed on their website!

  18. What about Green Mt coffee. Also, are kureg unflavored GF?

  19. I will look up Kuregs since those are popular now and add them to the list. Thanks for the suggestions!

  20. Can someone help. I am recently gluten free and noticing MAJOR changes, first time I've gone weeks without being doubled over all day and more. I kept feeling like I was getting dosed a bit though I am much more sensitive when i consume small amounts and I started thinking about the pot a day I drink. I read Gevalia coffee have trace amounts and I'm finding many web sources claiming maxwell house and starbucks say cross contamination and trace amounts are possible. Does anyone know if this is true. I drink french roast of both brands.

    I don't know if my summary thought is right but it seems i see the best info about 8'oclock and foldgers this true?? there is something definitely still messing with my stomach and at a pot a day it seems a viable culprit...thanks in advance. If any have confirmed safe brands, preferably dark roasts I would LOVE to hear your thoughts

  21. I was wondering if anyone knows if Community Coffee is gluten free or not. I'm having a little trouble finding a clear answer.

  22. I realize that you did this coffee list many months ago but I thought I'd add my two cents in. There was a question about Keurig coffee k-cups having gluten, especially the flavored ones. On the website the question comes up about the k-cup packs they sell on their website, here it is verbatim, hope it helps...

    Do any of your K-Cup® packs contain gluten?

    All of the coffees offered in K-Cup® packs (from are gluten and gluten by product-free. The Café Escapes French Vanilla Café-au-Lait K-Cup® pack contains small amounts of wheat. The Timothy’s Lemon Blueberry Tea K-Cup® pack contains malted oats.

  23. You know what sucks? Having Celiac Disease. I have all but given up eating anything because it's bad for you, it may or may not have gluten. Well, I may not live a single day longer because now I can't even have a cup of coffee unless I make it at home with all my gluten free grinders and my French press... My social life going out to eat just makes me feel like I don't belong anywhere, can't eat a damn thing anywhere. Hell, no wonder children with this screwed up disease kill themselves and that's 40% of the children with Celiac that have NO Symptoms.... WTF???

  24. I never really thought of Gluten being in coffee until I read an article in MACLEAN'S magazine that it could appear in I decided to look farther into this as I am an coffee lover and a Tim Horton's fan.
    I thank you for this article and the info listed. I have had Celiac for 3 yrs now and its crazy how blown up this really is. For me it isn't a choice. It's a way of life. Thankfully though, the people in the world that claim to be "Gluten Avoiders" perhaps are paving the way for more Gluten Free products at stores and restaurants whereas perhaps we would be slower to get there otherwise. I love love love the fact that I have a Gluten Free store within a 20kms from home and a 5kms radius from my work . Its not FUN to be Celiac, however; I don't imagine being diagnosed with colon cancer is either.

  25. Did anyone find a list of coffees for Keurig that are gluten free?

  26. I have to agree with anonymous who thinks being Celiac sucks ! I have been having a hard time trying to have a normal social life. I try to be careful about gluten,but I don't feel good and also miss my normal diet.

  27. Ug, found out the hard way that Folgers Vanilla Biscotti flavor is not GF. It should have been apparent by the "Biscotti" but silly me. They sometimes put a free sample on their regular containers so luckily I did not have a repeat offence :)

  28. I have noticed issues with a Nespresso machine I purchased almost a year ago. I sent them an email however they said all their pods were gluten free. Not sure what is the cause but my skin issues definitely flare up so I have stopped using it.

  29. I'm drinking Nesspreso capsules,and I'm not sure if they are gluten free all the flavors,anyone knows?
    I'm celiac and I am started getting sick,I'm wondering if is the Nespresso the cause.

  30. If there is any where we can find out if keurig K cups are GF??? I seem to do well with Newmans own and Green Mountain brands. I wonder if any of Gloria Jeans the hazelnut??? If anyone knows where we can find out for sure I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  31. I'll do some research and create a Gluten-Free Keurig Cup list in a separate post!

  32. Taylor-You are an AMAZING 15 year old and a blessing from God! I am 39 and just found out on Tuesday that I have celiac and am SCARED. I go for tests and biopsy Monday. Now-I worry that all 3 of my kids are too because they mirror some of the symptoms. I haven't went to see a dietician yet and was just telling my husband how frustrated I was that none of the websites listed specific brands I could buy and not buy. We can't afford to go to a specialty store to get groceries! Thank you SO much and may God bless you immensely! :)

    1. Hi. Please dont listen to Dr. If they say based on your biopsy you arent suffering from celiac disease. The damage has to be severe for that diagnosis. Trust your gut, pun intended, and go gluten free for two weeks then see how you feel when you eat a pile of pancakes.
      The result will be painful long lasting, like three days, and illuminating. I was truly shocked at how horrible gluten made me feel. And for days afterwards.
      Just dont put too much trust in the medical field when it comes to allergies.

  33. I have a gluten free diet. Starbuck fraps are all gluten free. Just had a McDonald's frap moca with chocolate drizzle. Made me sick. Just looked it up and found this site.

  34. I must warn you all that not only the coffee itself can be tainted with gluten but every celiac should be aware that many makers of paper coffee filters use gluten based products to stiffen the paper prior to send it to the press that makes the filters.

    To make things worst, some makers use barley or malt gluten wich is the most toxic of all for celiacs.

    I just dicovered that "the hard way" this month. I bought a new batch of filters and got sick enough to be hospitalized for few days. I hope this information may help someone to avoid that.

    I'm done with paper coffe fiters and bought myself a permanent type. Ok, it doesn't remove the oils from the coffee as paper does so my cholesterol might suffer from it but that's better than spending days in hospital, hooked to IV's trying to replenish lost electrolytes.

    Good luck to all!


  35. Strange when I contacted Tim Hortons they told me there is no gluten in their coffee and didn't give me any kind of warning. I have a Tassimo coffee machine I buy Superstore or Walmart brand coffee disks Ill have to check into them. Anyone have info on them already?

  36. Gloria Jean's website says all their flavored and unflavored k-cups are gluten free, and their hot chocolate is gluten free and made in a dedicated area w/o cross contamination.

  37. Wow, I had no idea there were so many different flavors! I'm going to have to try some of these. K-cups are probably my favorite thing to have in the morning with my asiago cheese bagel. It's pretty much a ritual in my life.

    Gerald Vonberger |

  38. Haven't ever tried their K-cups but now might be a good time to give them a try.

  39. Thanks for the information very helpful. However, spell check your article before posting it! Many grammatical mistakes. Ex. Their is the possessive: THEIR coffee. They're is the contraction for THEY ARE. Also donuts is spelled DOUGHNUTS (because there is dough in it).

    1. Asshole.
      And I'll sign my name!
      Michele Ring Carr

  40. You show you're ignorance by pointing out how someone has misspelled their words.

  41. I used to buy whole coffee beans and grind them at the coffee grinder provided by the grocery store. Then I started getting sick . The other customers where also grinding flavoured beans which had gluten in them. This was cross contaminating my coffee when I ground them. I now have a my own coffee grinder at home which has eliminated this problem. Cuisinart makes a really good coffee grinder. Hope this helps.

  42. I feel the pain of those that say "being gluten intolerant/celiac sucks." I am gluten intolerant. Gluten doesn't make me sick, it messes with my mind...depression, anxiety, panic attacks, negative feelings, fear, and the list goes on. But gluten isn't the only culprit. Coffee affects me in a very negative way as well...grumpy/irritable, depression, negative, anxiety.... There are other foods that I am finding out that affect me. Soy! It's worse than wheat as far as being in EVERYTHING! Nothing processed for me. It has been a slow learning curve, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don't give up! It is definitely a learning process. Give yourself time and know that it does get better!!! Educate yourself; that is the key!

    Great job, Taylor Miller!

  43. New England Coffee states on bag if its GF. Have been using their Columbian Supremo Dark Roast and San Francisco Blend Dark Roast for over 3 years without problems. Not so lucky with Gevalia.

  44. Hi, some personal sharing here, “The ‘World-Stopping Taste’ campaign has been conceptualized for the launch of Essenso MicroGround Coffee to celebrate the ‘coffee pause’ – the moment when coffee drinkers forget the world around them while enjoying their coffee, read more at:

  45. Darian says Please everyone that has just been diag.with celiac take a breath and relax. I was scared at first, and angry.I have had this for 2 years now,and I have to say being diag.was the best thing that has happened to me. I no longer have that terrible itchy dermatitis herpetaphoris rash,or the awful gut pain after eating. I make wonderful meals and you will too. You can use any nuts ground in food proc.almonds, pecans etc.for breading on any meat or fish,mix them with mayo(most are G.F.)or olive oil and it is delish. You can eat anything that has one ingredient,fresh veggies,steak,seafood, steamed,baked,fried,or grilled. You can also eat out, there are many restaurants, private or chains, that have gluten free meals. Hit the web for many great recipes. I grind my almonds,rice,chick peas and make my own flour,that you can use for cakes,brownies,etc.You can also buy many G.F.flours,pasta,pizza crust the options have doubled since I was diag. So please don't get depressed you will be feeling so much better and have more energy, and no more brain fog,trust me you won't be eating food loaded with chemicals and your body will love you for it. There are many recipes on the web so check them out and get creative,and start your new life without gluten You will be very Happy believe me it's easy,

  46. You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!
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  47. Nespresso coffee capsules are GF? Trying to rearrange all daily habits

  48. but am concerned that the markers will bleed through to the next page.

  49. What about Cameron's coffee pods for a Keurig? I love that the entire pod is recyclable. There's enough plastic in the trash. The coffee tastes great. But I wonder about the flavored coffees especially.
    What paper filters are GF??