Tips For Someone New to Gluten Free

Starting out on a gluten free diet is always the hardest step on your way to becoming gluten free. It takes commitment, knowledge, and constant research each day on the foods you can and can't have. For me the hardest part about being on a gluten free diet was not knowing everything that gluten was in, but for others that might be different. It could be struggling to stay away from foods with gluten, or even just trying to deal with it in social situations that makes it the hardest. Whatever the thing is you struggle with most this list of tips will surly help.

1. Stay committed
  • Being on a gluten free diet has to be taken seriously, no slipping a brownie here and there, no taking one day just to eat gluten, none of that. It has to be very strict and you have to know which ingredients contain gluten and which don't.
2. Know the ingredients
  • Knowing which ingredients do and don't contain gluten is one of the hardest parts for me. So do research, check blogs, and know your stuff! It's crazy what they put gluten in now as days.
3. Find stores
  • Finding stores that carry gluten free products is also critical. Being able to find gluten free options right around the corner feels pretty good and makes a gluten free diet much easier. Some average grocery stores have an allergy aware section but a Whole Foods or Raisin Rack is always the best way to go.
4. Find delicious products
  • Just because you're on a gluten free diet doesn't mean your food has to be bland and tasteless. There are actually tons of great gluten free options for every meal! Udi's, Glutino, Van's Natural Foods, and many other brands are the best in my opinion and are popping up in nearly every grocery store now! But some of the best meals are the ones that are naturally gluten free..
5. Discover new restaurants
  • Sometimes being on a gluten free diet we all feel like we want a great gluten free meal we don't have to cook ourselves. Discovering restaurants with GF options is both fun and is a treat. So discover restaurants and ask friends if they know anything good around and maybe you will find something new! Also this new app called, Find Me Gluten Free, makes finding gluten restaurants much easier! You can read other gluten free reviews or leave your own! Very helpful.
6. Find someone you can relate too
  • Being gluten-free makes it hard to relate to anyone when it comes to eating. So having that one friend that helps you out and gives you tips about being on a gluten free diet is great! Being able to share new restaurants, recipes, and much more while on a GF diet with each other honestly couldn't feel better. So even though it may be hard to find that one person, it's a huge bonus when you do!

What are your best tips to someone new going gluten-free? Comment below!
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  1. Search the internet. I spent a lot of time of Google when I was first diagnosed. There's a lot of great information out there.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions at restaurants. Everyone has the right to know exactly what they are putting in their body.