Store Bought Sushi NOT Gluten Free

Recently I have noticed while checking out the labels of the sushi that grocery stores are providing by sushi chefs and kiosks that "wheat" has been added to their label of ingredients.  Some of you may know that those living on a gluten free diet need to watch for gluten in soy sauce but sushi is known to be mainly gluten free.  The stores that I have noticed this at is Kroger, Giant Eagle, and Publix. This has been something that I have seen a lot recently and at most stores everywhere.

As a note and tip: 
  • Make sure that you regularly check labels on items that are made in-store including guacamole, dips, spreads, etc. These items though may naturally not include gluten, they may have additives placed in them by the store that contain gluten. 
  • Also soy sauce has been known to contain gluten and buying your own from select stores instead of taking the soy sauce they give you is usually a better option. 
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  1. I still haven't found store bought sushi that uses GF imitation crab either. So be cautious. If they guy behind the sushi counter isn't sure you should pass!

  2. There is GF San-J Tamari soy sauce and their teriyaki sauce in many regular grocery stores, and in a local deli I found individual packets of GF soy sauce to stick in my purse for dining out.

  3. Wegman's is the only grocery store I've found that uses GF imitation crab and readily provides packets of GF soy sauce. Which is all great, but they warn that they prepare it in the same space as sushi with wheat, so there's potential cc.