May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and everyone's story for getting diagnosed is a little bit or a lot different. This month I decided to put together this special campaign from us 5 bloggers to share our gluten-free stories with you! Not all of us were diagnosed with celiac disease but all of us are gluten-free and have been impacted by it in some way. Special guests include Cindy Gordon (Vegetarian Mamma), Chrystal Carver (Gluten Free Palate), Esther Trevino (The Gluten Free Nerd)Jules Shepard (gfJules), and myself! We hope to spread awareness my sharing our stories and we encourage you to share your gluten-free stories too. You never know who it could help!

If you love Enjoy Life Foods and want to be a part of a virtual party with us, RSVP for the event on 5/17/17 at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST! We'll be talking about the newer Enjoy Life Foods products, celiac disease awareness month, how to enjoy life in the little ways, and much more! Not to mention, we'll have giveaways for some Enjoy Life Foods products throughout the entire Twitter party that night. It's 100% free to attend all from home!

How to participate:
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  2. Get on twitter on 5/17/17 at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST
  3. Search hashtag #EatFreely
  4. Participate in the chat with hashtag #EatFreely and have fun!

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This party will be all about sharing content for celiac awareness month, recipes, tips, and much more! Come join us online on 5/17/17 at 9 PM EST and lets party freely!

Did you know that Columbus, Ohio is where I was born and raised? It's true! I originally started my gluten-free journey here 7 years ago so a lot has changed in the city since then. That being said, this past weekend I was in Columbus once again for the GFFA Fest. As a part of my trip, I got the opportunity to use the Nima Sensor test 3 of the most popular restaurants with gluten-free options in the city! Some I was very familiar with, some I have never been to before. We had some pretty interesting experiences this time since a few of our meals actually cam back with "low gluten". Check out my video below on what "low gluten" means plus the 3 restaurants I visited in Columbus, OH and tested with the Nima Sensor.

Breakfast still remains one of the hardest meals while being gluten-free (in my opinion). Sure you can eat eggs, bacon, and your typical naturally gluten-free options. But wouldn't it be nice to change it up and create something truly flavorful and delicious? This Daybreaker Breakfast Flatbread using O'Doughs Flatbread is sure to be just that. It has a little spice but a whole lot of nutrition and flavor to kick your morning off right. Check out my easy recipe below and even check out the cooking demo I did to show you just how easy it is to make!

Austin, Texas is one of my favorite gluten-free cities out there. How many times have you visited a city and known that each restaurant you visit will be safe? It's not very often! That's why myself and Nima Sensor teamed up to test a ton of different restaurants in Austin, Texas. We did all of the hard work for you and spent a whole weekend testing the most recommended gluten-free restaurants in the city. Our goal was to determine if these top gluten-free restaurants were really safe for those with celiac disease. We happily got a lot of smileys which means the food we tested was under 20 ppm of gluten. That is huge! That being said, here are the gluten-free restaurants we visited in Austin, Texas plus a video for some tips on dining out while being gluten-free shared by myself and Celiac and the Beast.

Gluten free candy is very hard to figure out. Reading labels for gluten is a hassle which is why I created this gluten-free candy list to make it easier! Every Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter, I update this gluten-free candy list to make sure you are all safe around the holidays. There's so many candies that can contain gluten that you would have never thought of! This list will at least let you know what you can have while being gluten-free. If you would like any brands added to this list, please comment and I will look it up for you! I hope this helps!

I was never a fan of cake as a kid but ice cream cake was always my favorite. Gluten free ice cream isn't too hard to make but vegan? That's a whole different story. As my birthday approaches this month, I thought it'd be perfect to team up with Coconut Bliss and create this amazing Gluten Free & Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream recipe.

Not only will you be able to get this recipe here, but I'll also be doing a cooking Demo for this recipe at many GFFA Fests around the U.S. this year! You can view those dates and locations, here. It's finally starting to get warmer so why not make something special like this to celebrate! I've been loving it a little too much and I'm sure you will too.

We've all been through it. Whether you were getting diagnosed to be gluten-free or you're dealing with something now, we've all dealt with doctors who just won't listen. Your laundry list of symptoms continues to grow. The phrase "well your tests came back fine so let's run some more." starts to become routine. You get to the point where you're really start to question if it's all in your head. You start to doubt yourself but then that pain or nagging symptom comes back and you know, "something has to be wrong."

When I first got diagnosed with Celiac Disease and my adrenal disorder in 2011, I was told that I was perfectly fine according to their tests. I was told that I shouldn't have these symptoms since their papers said so. I knew something was wrong but my doctors wouldn't listen no matter what I said. "We're doing everything we can" they would say. But whenever I would leave that office, I knew I was just another statistic on a piece of paper. After a year, I was fed up, tired, and exhausted. Not to mention, my medical debt was getting exhausted too. It got to the point where if I didn't do these few things, I would have died in 2012. I wouldn't be here today if I didn't do these things and this is why I can't stress this advice enough.
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