We have another fun Enjoy Life Foods Twitter Party this month themed for the NEW Grain & Seeds bars! RSVP for the event on 11/21/17 at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST! We'll be sharing some gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes and discussing the new Grain & Seeds bars from Enjoy Life Foods. As always, we'll have giveaways for the Enjoy Life Foods Grain & Seeds Bars as well! It's 100% free to attend all from home!

Thanksgiving is the time of year that many of us love. You get to see family members you haven't seen in a while, eat food you normally wouldn't eat, and enjoy the company of loved ones around you. Thanksgiving should be a wonderful experience we all look forward to (if you can tolerate your family for that long). However, being gluten-free can make the whole experience a lot more stressful than it already is. How do you make it a little more manageable, you ask? By playing host to your family's Thanksgiving! There are many ways to host a gluten-free Thanksgiving or be a part of one without causing a hassle to everyone involved. I've actually done it many times and it's been a very fun experience! Here's some tips from myself with the help of Enjoy Life Foods on How to Host a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving. Enjoy some of the recipes below too!
Do you remember the first time you moved out of your parent's house? It was probably pretty exciting right? Maybe a little scary too? This time in our lives is always known as one of the biggest. It's a huge step for independence. No more rules, no more curfew. The world is what you make of it! For most of us, we don't have the luxury of living on our own right out of high school. We trade living with our parents for living with a stranger or someone we barely know. What's it like living with a roommate you ask? It can be...well...complicated. Some roommates are great, some are not. But when you are gluten-free and have to live with roommates who eat gluten on a daily basis...this whole roommate thing becomes an even tougher situation.

For those have been following me for a while, you may know that I moved to Columbus, Ohio just 2 months ago. Many people have asked me, "do you live by yourself or with roommates who are gluten-free?" To put it bluntly, no. Quite the opposite. Right now, I live with 2 roommates who eat gluten on the regular. We share the same kitchen and yes, we share the same space where we eat too. I know, I know. That has to be a nightmare of a living situation, right? Well, by the sound of it, you would certainly think so. Surprisingly enough, it's actually worked out very well all because of a few simple things that I've learned. I'll admit that none of this is easy but there is a way to live with roommates who are not gluten-free. Here's what I've learned over the past couple months that can hopefully help you (or your kids in the future) too.

Pasta is a tough food to do gluten-free. Not because there's not many options, but more so because it's hard to know which options are good. For the past 3 years, Living Now Foods pasta has been my favorite and we happen to be doing a twitter party for it too! We'll be discussing many Fall related foods as well as the many great Living Now Foods gluten free products. If you want to be a part of a virtual party with us, RSVP for the event on 10/25/17 at 8 PM EST! Again, we'll have giveaways for some Living Now Foods pastas throughout the entire Twitter party that night. It's 100% free to attend all from home!

Every Halloween I get asked by tons of parents "what candies are gluten-free?" I usually direct them to my gluten-free candy list but this year I decided to search for candies that are certified gluten-free too! I've been gluten-free since I was 13 years years old so I know all about what candies are gluten-free and delicious. Halloween should be about enjoying the festivities and everything that comes along with it. You shouldn't have to worry about "what candies can myself or my kid enjoy this trick or treat?" Here's the best certified gluten-free products that I found for trick or treat with a little help from Enjoy Life Foods! Also, check out the easy pumpkin muffin in a mug recipe that's top 8 allergy free too!

Gluten free candy is very hard to figure out. Reading labels for gluten is a hassle which is why I created this gluten-free candy list to make it easier! Every Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter, I update this gluten-free candy list to make sure you are all safe around the holidays. There's so many candies that can contain gluten that you would have never thought of! This list will at least let you know what you can have while being gluten-free. If you would like any brands added to this list, please comment and I will look it up for you! I hope this helps!

When it comes to being gluten-free, dining out is still the hardest thing to do. Ask anyone who has been gluten-free for years and I guarantee they will say the same thing. That overwhelming anxiety of trying a new restaurant. The uneasy feeling of dining out no matter how safe the restaurant seems. It’s stressful to dine out but we can’t stay indoors forever. We have friends we want to hang out with, family we want to accompany. It’s important to get out and remain social but being gluten-free can make it hard to enjoy it at all. It may take years for the restaurants to get better at it but here are a few key phrases that you can say during your order to make your experience safer with a little help from Nima Sensor!

Have you ever been in a situation where you were too busy to make a meal? Have you been out and about, in between meetings, classes, or some sort of time contingent situation where fast food is the only option? Perhaps you have a child who plays sports and it's hard for them to have food before practice or after school activities. There are so many situations like this where finding food should be easy, but for those of us who are gluten-free, it's not that simple. We can't just grab fast food when on the road. We can't just quickly make a meal in between breaks. Cross contamination is too risky and let's be honest, our food takes much longer to prepare anyways.

For those of us who are gluten-free, most situations on-the-go or away from home just aren't that easy. I've spent the last few years in situations where grabbing a quick fix of food wasn't an option. As much as I travel, I've had to learn how to be prepared for any gluten-free situation. That's why I'm here to share some tips based on what I've learned over the years with a little help from my friends at Enjoy Life Foods!
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