So you're gluten-free. Your family knows, your friends know, and most likely your work colleagues know too. One day you decide to go to a get-together of some sort. To your surprise, a friend decides to make you feel included by baking you gluten-free banana bread. How nice of them! You feel happy that you're included, happy that someone thought of you so you wouldn't feel left out. How great is this! Although, there's just one thing. You have that one thought lingering in your mind asking yourself, "Did they make this on a shared surface? Is this really gluten-free or did they cross contaminate?" Of course you don't want to turn down such a nice gesture and be impolite. Now this puts you in a tough situation because you don't want to get sick too! So what do you do?

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Relationships are very crucial to our happiness. Whether it be friendships, family members, or a loved one. With so many different scenarios that are now harder after being gluten-free, wouldn't it be nice to get a little help? If you look around, there's not really anyone talking about it. As a male with celiac disease, I want to offer my input on dating gluten-free. Most people who are gluten-free think that being with someone else who is gluten-free would create the perfect match. I can surely say from experience that that is not always the case. What matters to a relationship is a lot more.

Why you can date someone who is not gluten-free:
It's already hard enough to find someone that you're compatible with. So when you only look for someone who is gluten-free, you can really sell yourself short. What matters most is finding someone who is supportive, caring, and someone who is there for you when you need it. That person can be someone who is gluten-free or not. But you shouldn't limit yourself to those who are gluten-free just because you think it would be easier. Sure, it would be easier in some ways. I dated someone who was gluten-free myself. What I realized, however, is that if you're focusing on being gluten-free more than anything else in a relationship, the relationship will never work out. There is more to a relationship than just gluten. There is more to you than just gluten. If you just be yourself, be happy with who you are, then the right person will come along and love you for that too.

Date ideas when you're with someone who is not gluten-free: 

You may be wondering what are some good date ideas for going out with someone who is not gluten-free? I'll admit that this can make dating a little more difficult at first. That's why myself and some members from Enjoy Life Foods put together these 10 ideas that will be sure to help :)

10 Gluten Free Date Ideas With Help From Enjoy Life Foods

1. Choose a food date that is easier for gluten-free! Grabbing a cup of coffee or getting some dairy free ice-cream instead of grabbing a whole meal can make the date a lot easier early on.

2. Non-food related dates! What’s more fun than spending a day out on the town going to the zoo, a museum, or the beach?

3. Did you know there are food allergy dating apps and meet up groups? Take advantage of resources that are available to you!

4. BYO to the movie theater! Stash Enjoy Life’s grab & go treats in your purse, but you didn’t hear that from us ;)

5. Plan a picnic together! This can be a chance for you and the other person to choose their own items for the picnic and make it a little less restricting. Also, what’s better than being out in nature?

6. Cooking classes: show your significant other the ropes of allergy-friendly cooking during a night in! Choose from a list of amazing recipes Enjoy Life has created, all gluten-free and free-from the top 8 common allergens.

7. Safe Dating Jar: pick from a jar of a pre-made list of safe restaurants in your area.

8. Keep a stash of Baking Chocolate Snack Packs at your significant other's place so you never have to be without an emergency chocolate fix.

9. Make a meal for you and your significant other! Nothing is more romantic than surprising your loved one with a homemade meal. Surprise him/her by making it gluten-free!

10. Order a gluten-free kit to try different gluten-free products together and test which ones you both like best!

Send Me This Guide For 10 Gluten Free Date Ideas

Final thoughts:
There will always be people who treat you bad in life at one point or another. Unfortunately, the world is full of rude people who may make it seem like your allergies are a problem. But just because it is a problem to one person doesn't mean it is a problem to everyone else. Don't let one or more bad experiences discourage you from having a great one when it comes to dating. That's what dating is all about. You live and learn. Whether the person you date is gluten-free or not, it will make no difference as long as you show them how great of a person you truly are.

What's your favorite gluten-free date idea? Comment below!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I'm sure you're looking for gluten-free or allergy friendly treats. Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips are a staple in my house. Most times I'm just eating them out of the bag but they can actually be used for some great recipes as well! For Valentine's Day, I created these 5 different recipe ideas to make the eating freely a little more fun. If you're not sure on how to melt the chocolate easily, you can watch my video below on how to melt it in minutes.

Since starting my blog, it's been my passion to help teens who are gluten-free. I, myself, got diagnosed with celiac disease when I was just 13 years old so I know what it's like to feel isolated for how I eat. Relating to others my age and doing normal activities as a teen was hard. It's easy to feel like there's no one else out there knows how I feel because very rarely would I run into someone who is gluten-free like me. What do I eat when I'm away from home? What do I do when I'm off to college and don't have my parents to help me anymore? Finally, after all of this time that's where the Gluten Free Teen Summit comes in. Gluten Intolerance Group and GlutenAway have teamed up to put together the first ever gluten-free teen summit and family retreat in Orlando, FL in the Summer of 2018. This will be a great opportunity for teens to meet others just like themselves. But it will also be an opportunity for parents to get educated on many topics that will be important to their son or daughter's future, too. More info at

Back when I could enjoy dairy as a kid, I always liked to include go-gurts in my lunch. You may remember them as the little slim pouches full of a sugary substance called yogurt. But since going dairy free, I’ve never really been able to enjoy yogurt since. Many brands carry a dairy free alternative, but none like this brand, Ruby Rockets. Ruby Rockets is a dairy free yogurt alternative packaged in a pouch just like the go-gurts I had when I was a kid. They are healthier for you, free of many allergies, and great for kids too.

You've all known me as "the teenager behind GlutenAway" or "the gluten-free teen." But believe it or not, I turn 20 this year. Yep, that's right! My last year of being a teenager is finally here which means my blog will no longer be from the voice of a teenager. I've been planning for this for years, thinking to myself, "what will my voice be once I'm not a teenager anymore?" It's worried me and made me think I'll have nothing left for people to listen to. But now that it is finally here, I couldn't be more prepared and I couldn't be happier. Turning 20 this year had made me realize that I will have a whole new part of my life to share with you as someone who is gluten-free. My information and knowledge as a teenager will always be on my blog. I will always be able to speak on these topics. But now as I enter my 20's, I will have a lot more to offer with my constantly changing perspective, too.

After posting my last gluten-free peach cobbler recipe, I felt that it was worth posting one more. After all, who doesn't love cobbler? This recipe has a little bit of a variation compared to the one before. It's both gluten-free and dairy free plus it can be top 8 allergy free with the help of Enjoy Life Foods. Whether you want to make it for the holidays or any other time of year, this recipe is perfect for your next gluten-free dessert.
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