It's pretty well known that many gluten-free products are not so healthy for you. Many products are full of sugars, fats, and carbs that make you wonder, "is it possible to go back-to-school gluten-free AND healthy?" You may think that packing a gluten-free lunch is already hard enough but packing a healthy and gluten-free lunch is still very possible! I was a gluten-free kid not too long ago and had to prepare for gluten-free school activities all too often. With the help of myself and Enjoy Life Foods, we can show you some back-to-school gluten-free snack ideas that are healthy too!

We have another fun Enjoy Life Foods Twitter Party this month themed for being back-to-school gluten-free and after school activities! RSVP for the event on 8/17/17 at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST! We'll be discussing how to pack the perfect gluten-free lunch, how to help your child cope with food allergies during the school year, and much more with the help of Enjoy Life Foods. As always, we'll have giveaways for the NEW Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars as well! It's 100% free to attend all from home!

The day is finally here! For those of you who have been following my blog over the years, you may know that I've been living with my parents the whole time I've been blogging. After all, I am only 20 years old. I've had a far from normal teenage life since I spent most of my time home schooled and in & out of the hospital. Not to mention, trying to grow a business (GlutenAway) with just my mom and myself has definitely taken a lot of my time. Overall, I've been so incredibly grateful for the memories I've made and the experience I've gotten over the years. But you could imagine that I'm more than ready to live on my own and finally be my own age too. This month, I'll be moving back to Columbus, Ohio to live with a couple of roommates who are not gluten-free. What to expect from this new experience and journey? I don't know! But you can bet that I'll be blogging and sharing all about it the whole way 😊

If you're like most people, you probably liked Oreos at one point or another. If you're gluten-free, enjoying Oreos unfortunately becomes something you can't do you think. You may or may not know that there's actually some really great brands of gluten-free "Oreos" out there! I've already tried them all (unsurprisingly enough) and have been happy to find that there are actually quite a few options. Here's a full list on the best gluten free "Oreos" that you can find in the U.S!

So I've been keeping this a secret for a while but I'm finally ready to reveal what we've been working on over here at GlutenAway. It may come as a surprise that I don't eat packaged products very much. In fact, most of my diet is plant based and all natural! Yes, I definitely still enjoy the gluten-free cookies, brownies, and many more products that I promote so often, but it's absolutely not how I eat every day. I'm sure many of you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, like myself, and helping with that is exactly what my next adventure entails. My mom and myself at GlutenAway have created a whole new brand just for that. Whether you're gluten-free, paleo, vegan, plant based, sugar free, grain free, or whatever else, HaleLifeNow was created just for you! You're probably already familiar with our gluten free online expo,, but you can expect a healthy living online expo coming in 2018 😊

Believe it or not, back-to-school is coming up very soon! When it comes to being gluten-free, any school situation as a kid becomes a lot more challenging. That's why GoMacro and myself will be hosting this Twitter party to discuss gluten-free snacks for back-to-school as well as the many great benefits of GoMacro Bars! They are vegan, dairy free, naturally gluten-free, organic, and much more. RSVP for the event on 7/19/17 at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST! As always, we'll have giveaways again for many different flavors of GoMacro Bars! It's 100% free to attend all from home!

Here in Florida, I'm always looking for gluten-free recipes to help me cool down. It gets hot pretty much anywhere in the U.S. during the summer time which is why a naturally gluten-free popsicle recipe like this is essential! This recipe is perfect for the 4th of July and provided by Allergy Reality, a new app to help kids learn and understand their food allergies with the use of games and more! You can learn more about this amazing app below. In the meantime, enjoy this naturally gluten-free popsicle recipe for 4th of July!

When's the last time you went on a picnic while gluten-free? To be honest, I don't think many people go on picnics that much anymore! It's such a nice experience to be outside with your family or a loved one, enjoying the outdoors away from your phones and the technology in the world. You truly get to enjoy the time you have with one another all while enjoying some delicious food. When it comes to gluten-free, what exactly do you pack for a picnic and how do you keep it fresh? There can be a few more difficulties when it comes to having a gluten free picnic so here's some tips from myself and Enjoy Life Foods to have a successful gluten-free picnic no matter where you are.
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